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NGC Registry Errors posted by Jay Ramsey

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Modern sets ranked number 1 are supposed to be seated by completion dates.


NGC has consistently re-arranged the registry sets by modification date. Their modifications too. Example. I have a 2005 S Complete Proof set ranked #1 since 2005 with a set award dated 2005. I was Number one. Now I'm way down on the list by people with a set awards in 2006, 2008 etc. Mostly dearlers. I know the # 1 ranking is still a #1 ranking. But when you have a couple hundred sets ranked # 1, shouldn't the guy who completed his set first go before the Dealer that completed his in 2006 or 2008. a year or 3 later? When you complain, they want you to justify your complain by specific set and date so they can investigate. Isn't that something they should do to keep the rigistry honest and fair? Personally this is the second issue of this type I've had with them. Frankly I'm disgusted, angry and hurt that this BS is going on in an ANA sanctioned third party grading service.


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My two sets of the Presidential proofs are in the same boat. I put in eight coins on the same day and relatively same time. Imaging and descriptions, and a week later, one set is on top, and my #1 set is like six down on the page. NGC modified it for me. I thought I did a pretty decent job of being #1 and #2. If they only treated a competition as such, and left us alone, I think we'd do just fine. I have asked for weeks that it be repaired. Nothing yet.

If they knew what premium we pay for these first coins they might understand, but then they only "allow" us to register our coins. I have had it with them also. I will be eliminating all but a few of my sets and give the headache to another. Every year it's something else.

Goood luck on them modifying your coins back to where they belong. I know exactly how you feel, obscured or not.

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