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New to Ancients...

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I lost this auction a few days ago, and now I am kicking myself... such a pretty coin, even though I know nothing about it.




I know nothing about Ancient Coins at all, but I do want a couple nice coins in my collection.


Bulls, Nike (Angels), Octavian (Augustus) all interest me.


I plan on sticking to certified coins, I know there are lots of fakes out there and that scares me a bit.


Not sure where to start collecting but I figure certified coins are a good start?

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I have bought from that seller on several occasions and he always has exceptional coins. Fast shipping too and NGC holders without scratches.


Perhaps a trip to the reference section of your local library might be advisable to see what's available and to narrow your focus a bit.


You could also try here...



With 148 ancient dealers you can really get a feel for what's common and what is not.

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Got to vcoins.com to buy your ancients. All dealers there are vetted, well known and respected. Not just any dealer can be part of tihs "guild". Its very well self-policied and the few time fakes were posted they were found and taken down right away. So feel safe buying there. Slabbing ancients hasn't quite taken off yet. Might some day, but for now don't wait and just buy slabbed coins. You'll miss out on a lot of nice stuff if you do. Market is down right now with ancients. Good time to buy and some bargins out tthere.

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