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The End of the Year: A Review

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Seven months already! How time flies. How is it that a website can become so addicting?


Little did I realize when I started making some entries into the registry sets back at the start of June that I'd become so much of an addict. My original purpose was just to create an inventory of the few certified coins collected in the past. Then I became an addict. The first hit is always free (this site.) Addiction soon sets in and you establish your first tenuous goal. Mine was a complete MS66 set for 1946-1964. The setting of goals become a habit and you find yourself making more and more goals. Now I've become a total addict.


I made my first registry set entry on June 6, 2010. Seven months later I've reached 13552 points with no end in site. Along the way, I've tried to establish some ground rules to keep the habit under control. First a budget, but I've repeatedly ignored that! Then a price to point ratio. I've done better here. I've been concentrating on quarters lately and my ratio has dropped steadily with the average now at $0.17. Still I have to admit that I'm an addict!


Lately trying to handle a 65 year collection has become unmanageable so I've created four eras (Silver, Copper, Zinc and Quarters--the names are obvious indicators of the year breaks.) This has helped some, but I'm still addicted.


I promised (posted) that I'd try doing some grading of the 2000 or so raw coins available to add to the collection. I've started and have done over 120 coins in the past month. Some are victories but most have proved disappointments even to my semi-trained eye. Again this site came to my aid with the ability to add raw coins to custom sets. Again this site feeds my addiction.


I've looked at the wonderful photos posted by other users and asked myself "Why don't I do that?" My poor camera and computer can expect a workout after the first of the year. Yet another step on the long road of addiction.


From one addict to all the other addicts here, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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