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From Secret Santa: 1921 Morgan dollar, VAM-3 (CAUTION: huge images)

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RRantique sent me this coin as my "Secret Santa", and it's pretty darned nice.

It is a 1921 Morgan dollar in a SEGS holder graded MS-62, which is surprisingly

accurate, and nearly conservative, for them! I think it has a legitimate chance

at MS-63, though that would be quibbling over a point on a date that has very

little spread until at least MS-65. But who cares about the grade, when there's

so much more interesting aspects to such a coin!


It's a "16 berry" reverse, and could be attributed by actually counting the berries

on the wreath. However, it's much easier to attribute by noting a little tiny blob

stuck to the right foot of "F" in OF on the reverse. You can see it in my image

below, along with quite a lot of friction hairlines on the slab itself :sick: . Irvin,

thanks for the terrific coin! It now resides in my hoard of non-expendable certified

and slabbed coins :) .








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Looks like a great coin. I have no idea anything about VAMs, is this one scarce?


Second year in a row the Secret Santa has gone off very well, and everyone has been happy. I'm definitely going to institute this as a permanent Christmas tradition around here.

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I believe the VAM-1's also have the spike on the foot of the "F", so that is not conclusive. The biggest difference between the VAM-3 (D2 Reverse) and the VAM-1 (D1 Reverse) is that the VAM-1 has "scribbling" on the top arrowhead which was apparently on the hub since it is incuse on the coin. Also, the top arrow feather on the VAM-1 meets the olive branch at the middle talon, whereas on the VAM-3, it meets the olive branch further to the left.


Just thought you'd like to know.



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Chris, you are correct, and thanks for the clarification.


I should have stated in my OP that the spike on the "F" is the starting point of attribution, but is not sufficient. As Chris states, after realizing the diagnostic spike, the next step is to look for other markers to confirm full attribution.

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Here are some close-ups for comparison. The first photo shows the arrow feather alignment for the VAM-3. The second photo shows the arrow feather alignment for VAM-1. The third photo shows the "scribbles" on the top arrowhead for the VAM-1. There are several varieties of these scribbles.







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Those large images in the OP frightened me...


As it was like an attack on my LCD screen of the giant Morgan manhole covers! ;)doh!


They were so big that I had to rent the vacant lot next door.



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