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Washington North Wales-star on either side of crown over harp

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I just bought a washington north wales half penny of a variety I haven't seen before. It has the more common single star on either side of the base of the harp, however it also has a single additional star on either side of the crown topping the harp. I've found reference to this variety in Rulau/Fuld's "Medallic Portraits of Washington" referencing it as Snownden 101. Rulau/ Fuld state " This piece has not been located in a collection." I don't have the Snowden reference book. It's copper, 28 mm. Has anyone seen one before or know of one being sold? It was purchased in London.

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here you go young man and welcome to the boards (thumbs u







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YOUNG'S 39 1794 St. Paul's Catedral/Radiant star. Choice surfaces, tad red UNC $75 .... NATIONAL 1137 ND George III and Charlotte/Crown over hearts. ..... NORTH WALES 7 1793 Druid/Harp. Always weak strike, net is EF but choice $35. NORTH WALES 8a. ..... Balloon on both sides, very RARE, GVF $65 With early envelope. ...


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Hi Michael,


Ah, to be young again and if I were it would be young woman.

Thanks for the reply. The coin I have is a variety of the coin in the link you sent, however it has an additional set of stars at the top on either side of the crown on top of the harp. I've only been able to find one reference to the stars at the crown variety. I'm hoping to find someone who has seen one or knows of one having been sold. I have no idea how to price this coin. I've got two coins in the Stack's Jan. 2011 sale. One is a Hernry Clay medal No. HC 1844-6, Satterlee # 122 (struck in copper) only two known & the other is a US Assay Medal Obv. AC-76b (1932) with a unique muling of the rev. of AC-79 (1934), two known, mine being the third. I'm hoping to find a price point to put this rare North Wales coin in a Stack's sale with a knowledgeable minimum price. Hoping for help from this pool of very smart folks!

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i would call john kraljevich (sp.)


he is your man and also an early american dealer and can give you demand and pricing structure


good luck


On the phone...

Call between 10 am & 6 pm EST @ 1.212.595.1792


By mail...

John Kraljevich Americana & Numismatics

Ansonia Station

PO Box 237188

New York, NY 10023-7188


By email...





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