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Finished Another "Set" posted by Jackson

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just a year set, but still a complete set


It happens so rarely that I couldn't let the accomplishment pass without at least a quick journal to record the event. I finally finished my 1944 year set !!


Yesterday I was perusing ebay and came across the final coin I needed -a 1944-D Washington quarter. I had seen a few before in the MS67 grade I was looking for but they were either not as attractive as I wanted or else they were way over-priced sitting in a "Buy It Now" inventory on ebay. Has anyone else noticed that since ebay re-structured things a year or so ago that there are far less auctions and far more items stuck in BIN at about 20-50% markups? I guess the sellers figure that for 10c a month they may as well give their inventories markups and let them sit in inventory month after month--heck, if they sell even one of these coins a month it can cover a year's worth of their listing fees...okay rant over and back to the point.


So I found the coin in the grade, eye-appeal and price I was looking for and jumped on it. Now my 1944 year set is finished. It has all MS67 except for the 1944-S Walker which I have in an MS66. The only possible upgrade left is if I can find a 1944 P mercury with FSB.


One interesting note about the 1944 year set--I actually finished #1 ranked this year. That is not what's interesting however. It seems that there has been a different #1 every year-2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and now me for 2010..so there are alot of ribbon icons next to various names in that set. Who knows, maybe next year there'll be a seventh straight different winner.


Here's my final piece to the 1944 puzzle..it is worth noting that all 3 of my Washies in this set are now housed in old fat NGC holders-just a coincidence, but still pretty cool...



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