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Discovering the Fun of Circulated Coins posted by Jackson

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some trial and error


Well I've reached an impasse in my Walker collecting. The remaining slots in my mid-date set cost 4 figures+ in the grades I want. I don't have the continual funds to be shelling out whenever a hole-filler arrives and at the same time I don't want to keep buying lower grades which eventually get replaced in the future.


I've decided to take a more "relaxed" approach to my interests for a while. My Barber Half set is the perfect medium for this. You see, I actually like the circulated look of these coins--and this may sound nuts or like justification for my limited funds, but I actually prefer them to blast white Barbers. I'm building a set of F12 to XF40 grade coins. The only criteria is that they can't be too white and can't have "acceptable damage" ( sometimes the TPG's allow a bit of scratches or dings in the much older coinage). So essentially, problem-free and worn surfaces but with nice detailing still.


Another added benefit of choosing the Barbers ( besides my love of halves) is that I won't have to worry about the temptation to get competetive with this set in the registry. The top sets in the category are worth hundreds and hundreds of thousands ( millions?) and single coins in those sets are worth more than my entire collection.


On another side note, I have been picking up the occasional seated half in XF quality. Once I get 5 to 6 of these I may actually list them in a Seated registry set as a long-range goal. So now I have plenty of coins to search for at auctions and websites that may cost $200 or less and I can get the enjoyment of the hunt as well as adding a few coins a month--instead of 1 coin every 2 months if I stayed with the Walkers.


Here's an attractive 1908-D VF35 I recently added. My set is now listed undewr Barber Halves if you'd like to take a look. I have 20 coins so far ( only 1700 points or so--imagine that a $175 1915 VG10 is worth 3 points) all have pictures and hopefully you'll get an appreciation also for how nice this design still looks even with Fine level of wear....



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Hey Jackson, There's nothing wrong with VF coins especially in the Barbers. Teddy Roosevelt may have been critical of them but they sure do wear well and the VF example in your picture is an attractive coin. I have a VG and a F Morgan dollar in my set and I like em. Additionally, I like most 19th century coins with even wear. The only coins I do not like circulated are the walkers, standing liberty quarters, and mercury dimes. I don't know for some reason I only like those XF or better.


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I couldn't agree more with everything you wrote Gary. I find that the Walkers and SLQ's in particular definitely lose any appeal for me in more circulated grade. Yet the Barbers and Morgans are some of the nicest looking coins in F-VF grade. I only own 2 Morgans right now--an 1894-O that I found with great toning that got an MS63...and an 1878-CC in VF25 that I love with its worn detail and the color ( old natural gray)...

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