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An Old Favor Pays Off posted by Jackson

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sometimes even the good things you do come back to you..


We've all heard the old theme said in lots of different ways--"What you do comes back to you" or "what goes around comes around" or to borrow a verse from the Good Book, "As you sow, so shall you reap". No matter how it's said, I've found it true in life that the things that we do, do indeed come back around full circle. The good things as well as the bad.


Coincidentally I had 3 events this week that came up. I've shared before that I'm not shy about letting people know that I'm a coin collector. Some people hide their numismatic interests out of fear that it will make them a target. Now I don't tell people the value of my collection or where they are locked away--yet most people who know me are aware of my hobby.


I can't tell you how often I get the old, " Do you still do that coin stuff?" or "I have a friend/family member who has some old coins, would you look at them?". In fact, as I stated, twice it happened this week and I also heard back from someone I had helped out about 2 months ago.


The first incident was my wife texting me that a co-worker of hers had some old coins for me to look at. When I got home she handed me a reasonably heavy Ziplock bag. Inside were a $10 silver (1 oz) gaming token from a Vegas casino, some circulated Buffs of common dates, some circulated silver rosies and mercs, 2 dinged up Frankies, one 1922 Peace dollar, one 1886 Morgan, a 1986 ASE and the "find" of the lot, an 1878 CC Morgan but with barely full rims. I dutifully made a list with rough values on a sheet of paper for her co-worker and also an offer for the lot....she'll "think about it"..( everyone has a secret hope that those old family coins are worth thousands...sigh)


The second incident was a gentleman from my Bible study group. Fortunately his house is on my way home from work because the coins he wanted me to look at would not even have been worth the gas...bicentennial quarters taken from circulation, some wheaties, and silver picked from change--maybe 8 dimes and 3 quarters. Also he had some old military notes but were folded and ragged. I made him no offer and told them that it would make a nice gift for a young collector or grandson to pique an interest.


And finally--the callback. In late August/early Sept I had helped someone go through an "inheratance shoe box". I had given the usual free estimate ( I always do this for free, after all, I love looking through coins and maybe finding a treasure that has been packed away for decades-even if it's not mine to keep). The total number of coins was about 30 however several were nicer coins and I agreed to list on ebay some of them since I have a high feedback and total transactions. We figured that buyers would bid more confidently with me. Mostly some common date but nice Morgans, some Barber coinage and he even had a 1928 Saint Gaudens. Well he decided to keep the Saint and I talked him into letting me submit it for encapsulation..it came back as an MS63.


Yesterday I got a call from him and he asked if I could sell the Saint. He mentioned that gold was dropping and that he was also really pressed for cash. To cut to the chase, I offered to buy it directly. I reached an agreement which is less than what they are selling for at auction but also more than he was asking for ( I have to live with myself-I wasn't going to pay him spot even if that's all he was asking).


So, although I wasn't really in the market for one--I now am the proud owner of this incredible piece of numismatic artistry--not my first one, but I'll never get tired of looking at these coins..1928 St Gaudens $20 Double Eagle NGC MS63--a reverse shot of the eagle in flight !!



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