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~ FSH: Some Wild US Mint & BEP Errors, $5 Liberty Gold, & a Modern Hobo ~

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2005-D Lincoln 1c Mint Error Uncentered Broadstruck PCGS MS62RD = Asking $375.00 Fully Shipped. Extremely scarce as the planchet looks like a proof... as this Denver delivery is completely Proof-like on both the obverse and reverse. Most likely struck from freshly polished dies. Looks Off Center and any post 2002 Lincoln Error since the new Schuler Presses where installed in the Mints is almost impossible to find. Conservatively graded by PCGS as MS62 Red, yet there are no issues to speak off and this example has eye appeal far exceeding the assigned grade. A Very Tough Modern Error!





1939 Jefferson Nickel Broadstruck NGC MS64 FS – Asking $495.00 Fully Shipped.

As far a Jefferson errors are concerned 39 is the earliest date I've seen.

This examples is a Uncentered Broadstrike and looks Off Center and also comes with Full Steps.





1941 5C ANACS AU58 Uncentered Broadstrike Looks Off Center = Asking $195.00 Fully Shipped. It's a nice eye appealing Super Slider that looks AU64 in hand.







1985 5C Die Cap Mint Error NGC MS67 Highest Graded Die Cap = Asking $2,250.00 Fully Shipped. With full reverse as it wasn't obliterated from multiple strikes as the walls mushroomed up. Average is MS63-64 and split this is MS67 a full thimble with almost Full Steps.





1964-P 25c Huge Centered Broadstrike Double Struck In Collar with 90 Degree Rotation "Unique" PCGS MS64. One of a Kind - Asking $3250.00 Fully Shipped.

All 1932 to 1964 Silver Washington Quarter Mint Errors are Scarce!!!





1913-D 50C Uncentered Broadstrike NCS Lightly Cleaned / Scratched could have been a pocket piece? Tough error, Scarce for the series as the only other on the market in 3 years was an AU50 B/S at an asking of $3.5K = Asking $495.00 Fully Shipped.





1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC AU58 MINT ERROR = Asking $495.00 Fully Shipped. Huge 40% +/- of the Reverse is Struck Thru Grease. All WLH errors are extremly rare and this is a very visually dynamic huge strike through. Not something that you see too often, and past the error it's a nice coin with a great strike on the obverse.





1986 First Year (First-est Strike?) ASE $1 Mint Error – Asking $695.00 Fully Shipped.

Gem Bu weakly struck almost looks like a Die Trial or Die Adjustment set-up piece, however the rims are fully formed. This example was not struck though grease or any foreign substance, however NGC has designated it as an “Obverse/Reverse Strike Through Mint Error”. Nevertheless a rare error type to have escaped the mint and would make a nice centerpiece for a ASE collection.






2000-P $1 SAC PCGS MS65 Mint Error Full Partial Collar = Asking $450.00 Fully Shipped. Very scarce error for the Sacagawea $1 series as only a few Partial Collars are known to exist. A very attractive coin for the grade and the obverse looks Off Center do to the Full Partial Collar Strike. These SAC errors just aren't available in the marketplace very often today.





2006 $10 American Gold Eagle NGC Mint State 69 "Unique Mint Error" Retained White Metal Chuck Struck-In the Reverse WOWZER = Asking $795.00 Fully Shipped. Chuck of White Metal Struck-In the Reverse of the coin. This lovely specimen is a gorgeous Superb Gem which has been certified by NGC as MS-69. It is boldly struck, fully lustrous, and reveals just the faintest hint of copper oxidation near the white metal. US Gold coinage is struck and treated with the utmost careful inspection prior to leaving the mint. Yet the number of Unique Mint Errors actually escaping the mints has remained extremely small within the 23 year history of the American Gold Eagle series. This is a coin that will have anyone who sees it state of amazement. So now this here is a US Gold coin in a MS69 grade level of perfection with a chuck of white metal... and where are you going to find another? (Huge Reverse Pic Available on Request)






1847/7 $5 PCGS AU55 Asking $2,250.00 Fully Shipped.

Semi PL Orange Gold Color. This is not the typical 47/7 (small image below) variety which is just doubling of the tip of the 7, which PCGS has graded a few but I guess just rounded into the regular 47 pop. This variety was missing from all of the following major $5 Liberty collections - Garrett, Eliasberg, Bass, Miles, Milas, etc., although Virgil Brand did have a VF example. This example sold for $2K at Heritage in 1996, and also at Stacks in 2003 for a bit higher then 2K. Valued at $2950 in MS60, $15K in MS63 as TOUGH variety as it's the furthest dropped digit in any US coin series. Just resubmitted to PCGS to have MPD added to the slab insert for Misplaced Date.






1853 $5 PCGS AU58 = Asking $1595.00 Fully Shipped. One of the most attractive Super Sliders I've ever seen in this series. Far cleaner surfaces then any MS61 or MS62 I've viewed in this series. Incredible AU64 eye appeal in hand.






1950 $5 Star Note Gutter Fold Error - Extremely Rare BEP Replacement Star Note Silver Certificate MS64 = Asking $975 Fully Shipped.






1950 $10 Foldover Error - AU58 looks GEM BU PPQ at first glance Scarce Silver Certificate = Asking $1,250.00 Fully Shipped. As far as Currency Errors are concerned Foldovers are about as dramatic as it gets.





The Little Gromit by John Shipp the artists first Modern Hobo - Asking $425 Fully Shipped. ~ A first carving by a new carver ~ This was named for its likeness to John Shipp's little brother, at an age when he skated with a group that called themselves The Gromits. This was John Shipp's FIRST Hobo nickel ever. He's a goldsmith and engraver by trade. It is carved on a 1972-D Jeff nickel as he hadn't even gotten his hands on Buffs yet, and on the edge initialed, numbered and dated, JLS #1 4-27-07. He is already considered the Picasso of the Modern Hobo carving circuit do to Johnny's originality... these are uniquely his own creations! Here it is the artists pics... not my lil dirty fingers! ;)



General Terms: PM me for more details.


Coins above will all ship at my expense - over $1K via USPS Registered Mail insured, coins less then $1K 1st Class USPS Mail insured w/ Delivery Confirmation.


Payment via USPS or Bank Money Order, Cashiers Check, Personal Check, E Check, & Paypal (Kindly add 2.9% for Paypal or 0% for Gift Option).


All Checks must clear prior to shipment.


7 Day full refund minus any associated shipping charges.




Extended terms available if your Piggy Bank is skinny?


I can also offer extended 30-60-90 day terms, 1/3 down, no refund on layaway option.


A Reasonable Offer May Be Accepted on some items... the Key Word is Reasonable.

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