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Hairlines, Original Toning & BodyBags

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I have a 1922-S beautifully toned Peace dollar that I want to submit. It is probably a MS63/64, except for hairlines on both sides of the coin. I have had several dealers look at the coin and they do not believe that the coin has ever been cleaned. They speculated the lines might be due to plastic sliding over the coin.


Can the prescence of hairlines themselves cause the coin to be body-bagged or will it just lower the grade? Can hairlines take a MS coin and turn it into a AU coin?


Thanks for the help.



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Hairlines and 'slide marks' are slightly different animals. Hairlines are the result of cleaning and/or mishandling. Slide marks are caused from the plastic inserts that you would find in certain coin albums (such as the old whitman and I believe Dansco's as well as the old national boards) coming in direct contact with the coin (usually the high points) one too many times in a "sliding" back and forth motion. The result: light hairline scratches, commonly referred to as slide marks. It is highly unlikely that a coin would be a no grade because of slide marks alone, even if they were severe. However, it will certainly affect the grade.Most commonly they would cause a mint state or proof coin to be lowered from 1 to 3 points depending on the location and severity. Generally, hairlines and slidemarks will not move a coin from mint state to AU as they really have nothing to do with circulation wear.



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