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POINTS and COUNTERPOINT posted by J Lloyd Young

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What's the Point Again ? Oh yes he or she with the MOST points....wins !


I really HATE to complain . Before I do I MUST still take a second to thank NGC for the venue and the Registry Set site which I appreciate and fully enjoy :) That being said I too have found some very perplexing point questions as I have assembled my very modest sets . Washington Quarter Proofs 1950-1964 for instance . Most proof coins that are NOT Cameo or Ultra Cameos or SB varieties simply get the same number of points no matter if they are Proof 63 or Proof 67 . Personally ...points aside ...I'd always opt for a 67 grade over a 63 . And I'd pay more too !! In my world it only makes sense for a 67 to be worth more POINTS or any other measure than a 63 all other things being equal .

In this series it's only when you get to PF-68 that you will see a modest increase in points .

Further...does it really make ANY sense that a 1953 Proof-AG coin ( which would only be possible if a proof coin entered circulation and was worn down to within an bare inch of recognition ) is worth 3 points and so is a like new PR-63 ?


In the state quarter silver proof series ( disregarding STAR grades ) a Proof-69 UC quarter of any date is never worth more than 28 points , while a Proof-70 UC quarter of any date is never worth LESS than 336 points .

Thats one HUGE point spread between very close UC grades .

If you look at that from a points-awarded only view you want to ask why anyone would bother owning a PF-69 UC at all .

With the coins in hand it's dang difficult to discern the difference . Both grades are stunningly beautiful and VERY tough to tell apart .


In the Regular Series 1932-1964 Washington Quarter Set I find it astonishing that a 1934-P Double Die Obverse Quarter in MS-65 gets as many points as a normal 1934-P same grade , although I would imagine that the estimated retail value listed on a members page WOULD reflect the huge difference in value between the two issues .

Ask me which one I'd rather have in my set ( if you really must ) !!!

Perhaps some of the more experianced Registry Users can help shed a but more light on the this subject ....being relatively new to this site I find it difficult to understand .

At the end of the day I suppose I'm happier being able to participate in the Registry site than to complain and quibble about points ( OK it WAS fun for a short spell but I'm over it now ) . And perhaps , knowing the fickleness of human nature ( that includes ME too ) , no matter HOW points were assigned SOMEONE somewhere would have a question or an issue or concern . That old saying comes to mind....it's possible to please some of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time !

Have a Great Weekend Gang :)


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