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New Guy On The Block, With A Few Coins.

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As you can see I am new to the forums, so I wanted to say hi!


As well as take some time to put out some coins and see what you guys think


I am looking to learn everything I can about grading, if you would not mind explaining what to look for in coins of this type. I have already gotten few opinions from very knowable people and are always looking for more information.


Please keep in mind the scratches you see in the photos are from the plastic case they are in, and if you have any suggestions on taking photos please let me know.


Thanks a lot







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Assuming that the color on the Hawaiian quarter is original, which I’m 90% certain that it is, I’d grade it MS-62 or 63. The big scratch across the top of the king’s mouth is on the holder, but the ones below his chin appear to be on the coin. They are noticeable enough to lower the grade from the MS-64 or better categories.


The 1890 cent has AU-58 sharpness with just a breath of wear, but I think it has been cleaned. There is a lot luster present, but I don’t think the color is original. The colors in front of Ms. Indian’s face make me suspicious. It also has that spot at the bottom of “E” in “CENT” which is a negative. It’s worth EF to AU money.


There is also some weakness in the strike at the top of the feathers on the obverse. I’ve had a few collectors get fussy about on Mint State Indian cents.


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First of all, Welcome to our friendly little neighborhood!


I would grade these MS-62, and MS-60/corroded respectively.


The Hawaiian is a nice coin, with toning that is pleasant, but not distracting. I like the sharpness, and the grade limiting factor appears to be a lack of luster.


The cent is a different story, however. I do not like those two spots on the reverse, especially since they have produced distorted "rainbow toning". This seems indicative of active corrosion, to me. If this coin is in a "no-problem" holder, it needs to be sent back to PCGS for appearance review.

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