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Delaware Commemorative - Old Swedes Church

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Some commemorative coins depict actual places that still exist. Although I am a Delaware native I had never seen Old Swedes Church which is shown on the obverse of the Delaware commemorative half dollar. Recently I was able to visit the site, which is located in Wilmington.


Old Swedes Church was built in 1698 and consecrated in 1699. It is the oldest church in the United States that had been in use continually since it was opened. There is still an active congregation that worships there every Sunday.


The building looks just as it does on the coin when viewed from the right side. It is somewhat obscured by trees in my photo.


Here is the Delaware commemorative half dollar:





And here is picture of the building as it looks today.




I will post pictures of the interior and outdoor shots from other angles if anyone is interested.



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Yes, I would be interested in other shots of the building. Is the building rather symetrical or are there wings or additions on it that are not shown on the commem?

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I'm at a family pre wedding get together right now so I'll have to post more pictures later. But I can tell you that the core of the church was built in 1698 and the bellfry was added in 1802. Since then nothing else has been added other than stain glass windows. One of them is by Lewis Comfort Tiffany. (worship)

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Wow, look at that.


The coin image depicts the bell tower's exterior to be made of field stone, yet in the photo it's exterior wall is red brick. Wondering if that is due to artistic license when designing the coin or was the field stone actually covered/replaced?


Do show more.

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Here is the Tiffany window.




Here is the front of the church




And here the archway that is shown on the coin but hidden by a tree in my side view photo.




I am on a motel connection for the Internet that is giving me trouble. I'll post more pictures later.

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Here is a little bit about the ship on the reverse of the Delaware commemorative half dollar. It was called the Kalmar Nyckel , and it brought the first Swedish settlers to Delaware. Overall the ship made four voyages to Delaware bringing more settllers on each trip. No other ship had more voyages that brought settlers to the early American colonies. The ship foundered in the northern Caribbean a short time after it was done delivering its last load of Swedish passengers.


This is a model of the Kalmar Nyckel the city of Kalmar, Sweden gifted to the city of Wilmington, Delaware that is on display at a period house that is in the cemetery that surrounds the church. A reproduction of the ship sails from various locations in the summer and fall.



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