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A NGC Question ? FingerPrint

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Hi , I have Recently bought a NGC MS67 1938 Jeff Nickel , None Graded Higher .

I paid Market Price .

It's In a Old NGC Holder , But the Thing Is I noticed a fingerprint on It on the Rev recently .

My Question Is what is your policy on this ? Also If there were a fingerprint on it when it was being graded would it have still been a MS67 ? If Not what would the Grade Be now ? As you know there is a hugh difference in price between a MS67 and a MS66 .

What Can be done about this and Please access this and tell me all the option's ?

Thank's for your time .



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Congratulations on your new purchase!


If the fingerprint bothers you, send it in for Appearance Review, stating your concern, and we'll take a look at it. We have no policy concerning fingerprints other than we do not allow any distracting spots or fingerprints on coins that receive a star designation. Depending on the location and the severity of the fingerprint, I've seen coins graded even higher than 67 (in various services holders) with traces of old prints that were still very acceptible for the grade. While a fingerprint is not a good thing, it is not a horrible thing either as many (particularly collectors of modern coins) sometimes believe. Many fingerprints can be professionally removed, and where possible, this is advisable. Here is an article by Skip Fazzari, Conservator at NCS, that may be of interest to you:


Fingerprints Article

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Thank's for your Imput about It , That helped alot .

Going by what you said I'm going to assume that the fingerprint Probably will not effect the future value of the coin , But I may send It in to be Reviewed anyway .

Also Thank you for that Link , It was Very Informative .

Thank's Again .


Rak - NGC Fan .

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