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Final Chapter of "Well This Is New" posted by moondoggy

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Predictable outcome you might say


Greetings once again all;

Well much has transpired since my last post. I did file a formal complaint as I stated. After that, the individual who used "my coin" cert. number in his listing wrote and threatened to sue me for slander. Honest to God I kid you not. His message went on to state how he had won all these numerous lawsuits etc. Oh it gets better...

So I talked to E-Bay for the second time last night and the lady from E-bay said she would expedite my claim to the proper Dept. because this was a direct violation of their policy. (I had submitted the listing number this person was using and a copy of my photo showing the cert number, date I purchased it, and date I registered it here at NGC in my collection.

(Now this seller is a power seller with almost 20000 feedbacks)

This morning I sit down at the PC with my morning juice to read the mornings e-mails. Low and behold is one from the department that is handling my complaint. Get ready now.........

E-Bay basically told me to put "watermarks on my photo's and they couldn't do anything to this person because the photo used in the listing was (their term) OFF SITE !!!!!

Basically since he is a power seller and pays big bucks to the Bay they were not going to mess with him. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!

So, I said a few choice phrases and then I let it go.

This evening the seller writes me AGAIN !!!!

(I did provide him the listing number earlier in question since he had over 3000 coins for sale so he could see the cert. number) and he says yes, I own this coin and have it in hand. Now this was the coin he supposedly "sold" to the individual who tried to register it earlier this week when all this began.

I think someone is, as Helen Reddy sings "a little touched you know, Angie Baby" ......

To summarize, my dealings with the Bay will be very minimal or not at all and I am done selling there as well in the foreseeable future.




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