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"Need Reading Lessons" posted by Clay

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Or Glasses or Both:


Found a China coin I really want. One was for $1800.00 and one was for $450.00! The $1800 was way out of my buget, but the $450 I felt I was in for a killing. I was KILLED alright, when it was received, it was a MEDAL MS-69. not Panda MS-69.


I purchased a Franklin Proof-66, after the purchase I looked again PROOF! I didn't want a Proof I wanted a MS!


Shows want happens when you get to much on your plate! I just have to take my time from now on!





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That's OK, I once bought a half eagle thinking it was an eagle. The error in my thinking was that I was getting an eagle on the cheap and this contributed to my self deception. When I re-read the listing it read "half" and I thought I could scream! I paid a bunch of money for a coin I didn't want! Oh well, it's still gold!


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