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Submitting Coins for Grading posted by Jerry Saville

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It just never occurred to me!


I love to search coins. I try to get my stock locally, but we only receive Denver coins (ancillary information; I did find two rolls of 2009-D nickles the other day at my local 7-11. Be nice to those people and they will hook you up!). I use eBay mostly to get my Philadelphia coins and have had pretty good luck getting them relatively cheap. Go with the Brinks-wrapped (shrink-wrapped) rolls and they will almost give them to you.

My point is that I look for errors and Doubled Dies. It never occurred to me (till now, that is) to watch for high-quality coins. It looks like I need to upgrade my NGC account so I can start submitting coins instead of shelling out big bucks for them. After searching literally thousands of Lincoln pennies I should be pretty good at picking out an MS67 or higher business strike. Don't be too hard on me. I tend to be hyper-focused to the exclusion of all else.

Wish me luck!


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