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Die Clash? posted by Texans Coins

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Please give me your opinions.


Good afternoon, everyone. I am looking to start a weekend of relaxation and catching up on my numismatic reading. However, I finally got around to taking a good picture of a particular coin.


I believe that this is a die clash. You can notice a partial impression of the Lincoln Memorial on the backside of President Lincoln's head. That is my opinion, but the joy of this website is that I get to pick the brains of those more experienced than I.


Please let me know what you think. I am interested in sending it in to NGC for grading/authentication, but I have a little reservation. On the reverse, it looks as if someone has punched an indentation causing the coin to look "concaved". I was not able to show that feature in the picture, but if you have any other explination, I am all ears.


By the way. I found this stuck in the coin counter at the bank where I work. I was more than happy to replace it with another penny for the client's deposit. It is my most exciting find to date.


Good luck and happy hunting.





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it appears to have been smashed against the reverse of another coin, first indication is that the memorial would be level and up-side down across lincoln, and the second indication is that the clash would be raised from the surface and not impressed into the coin! dont waste your money on the grading, it will be returned as damaged and they will charge you for the grading fee. hope this was helpful!!

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Very observant of you. I hadn't thought about that, but you're right. The memorial should be upside down. That's why I like this community so much. I think I may get one of those "Do it yourself" slabs and title it, "Pretty Cool Coin". Thanks for your help! Happy collecting.

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Mr. Lincoln has always had a problem with the back of his head. I bet it was either the die deal like you say, not likely the machine would put an image of the memorial on it. ANY other thing from the bank machine is believable even the dent, but the image of the memorial causes me to say, "SEND IT IN" I mean, with a note to NGC for the reason for your submission. If they find it is simply a penny from a squash job at the bank, they willn't charge you. Go for it, you may be retired and don't know it.


Good luck

Capt. Brian

The Lost Navigator

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