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Just some golden ramblings

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I have been VERY busy putting together a type gold collect as a result of an unexpected government settlement and a bout with an illness that kept me close to the computer for awhile. I tried this last year when I began to collect gold for the first time in 20 years-first time since the slab-wars were launched in the mid 80's. I've studied the coin scene and watched it go from boom to bust. Now we seem to be in a semi-boom mode again.


Gold has risen and now fluctuates between $315-$330 an oz. 9-11 has occurred-an event which has led to great fear, plummeting stocks and a shaky US Economy. The Enron collapse and other wrongdoings are also destabilizing factors. Finally we have Al Qaeda and Iraq and the neverending terrorist activities. Are these world events influencing the rebound in Numismatics?


Ebay and these boards (here and THERE) have also been a boon to the market.

Where else could a guy like me look at thousands of coins and learn what was "good" and what was "bad?" I am only one year away from buying my first slabbed gold coins (my first purchases were counterfeit Saints bought in Hong Kong, so that shows you what an insufficiently_thoughtful_person I've been)-and they were ACG! Fortunately, I received a FULL refund and made a modest profit on the $5000 worth of type gold that I sold to a dealer at the June Long Beach show.


I'm now just 2 coins away from completing a basic gold type set. I need a "cc" $20 in XF/AU and a '49 open wreath $1.


I also sought some nicely toned Morgans and found a whopper '86 and a mini-whopper '84-cc NGC 63. I might work on more silver later, but I think I will take a break once the gold is done. There ARE other things to do.


I'd like to get others' opinion on the state of the coin market. I have become leery of the big people in the business. I'm a collector primarily and an investor secondarily. I hope that I never have to sell my coins-this was not the case last year when I was setting money aside in non-liquid entities.




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I think the coin Market is starting to heat up again. There are still plenty of bargans around if you look closely for them. I have been trying to complete my Capped bust half set and i am now very close to completion. I am also an investor in Gold,Silver and Platinum and a great disbeliever in the paper dollar. To me real money is Gold. The main thing is that we are staying healthy and having fun collecting the coins we like. Like you i hope to never sell my coins but to pass them down to my Grandson and to retire on my investments,


Take Care GOD bless




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ig gold goes up more and it looks strong i think the generic

gold especially so the saints ms 63/64/65 should do well but if the 64 goes to 800 or more and

the 65 goes to 1500 or more then it is time to sell!!


i think that some tyopes of coins not all but some will take a huge dive i think that by ythe end of 2003

beginnig of 2004 there will be a huge downward price correction i think so///////


maybe maybe not but if not then i think we might then seee a bull market the likes that

has never been seen but i was totally off with all this high grade mnodern thing and the high grade

ikes and wash quarters

jeff nicks roose dimes so waht do i know????????


i guess time will tell


sincerely michael



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I don't know Michael

With CHina comming online and trading and allowing there people to trade Gold products we may be in for a long term Bull market. I just wonder if China will look to snatch up all the good Quality US gold. We will have to wait and see what there Government lets them buy.

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