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Crossing from ANACS to NGC....

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I got a 1926 Oregon Trail coin... ANACS MS 66... The question is what does it take for a coin to get a star? and do you think it would cross at 66? ... pics have been seen here before

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the star is the most subjective of the designations but the coin has to have exceptional extraordinary extraspecial



and sometimes this is different to different people and those monsters in terms of toning that everyone agrees on well they are stars in everyones eyes


it is really difficult to explain here and even with scans/photos the coin really needs to be sight seen to expalin a star designation as it has to do with the overall look of the coin depending on lots of factors like how the coins come the way the surfaces are the way the lustre looks if a business strike the way the toning sits on a coin the way it is cionfigured on a coin


it just all depends on the coin


now let me post some star designated coins on here all ngc graded and it is hard still to judge what a star is unless you see the coin in person and then understand the series particiular date era in which the coin was made how the type of coin usually looks and so on


but all we got are the scans on here


so here goes


*** star designated ngc coin superb gem in this attachment***


i think what it takes for a star is not only amazing eye appeal but a coin that is usually not seen with sych eye appeal


something that is extraordinary beautiful


i guess there is just no explaination other than you and me both looking at a coin that we both specialize in and have seen many many coins over a period of decades and then in person sight seen come apon one that is just to our trained eyes is extraordinary beautiful something we maybe have seen a handful of or less


that is a star coin


ngc does a very good job with star coins but a few do leave much to be desired in terms of the star designation


and if it were me there would only be one tenth the star coins there are currently but then again i bet this would put huge premiums on the star so i guess as it is with ngc or if it were up to me


it is half a dozen of one 6 of the other


just make usre if you get a star coin make sure it is a total monster first star or not and then if you have a star on it just a little pat on the back so to speak of reconition


which to me is a good very good thing!!!!!!!!!




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and finally the last coin star designated by ngc also in superb gem grade


this coin and all the star coins i posted on here are all business strike coins and the scans do not do justice to the coins they all need to be sight seen




by someone who knows/specializes in each series and type of coin they are looking at


to fully appreciate and see why they are designated as such


all the scans come from past posts on these boards by mark feld and others





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For me, the common theme among NGC* coins seems to be a lustrous coin that just oozes dynamism.




Questions about toning? Read the articles on my web site.

Ivy League Coin



as per the above this sums it up very well!! thumbsup2.gif short 893applaud-thumb.gif sweet flowerred.gif and to the point cloud9.gif




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that just oozes dynamism




There should be a law prohibiting scientists from trying to get clever with regular words!






Absoliciously! wink.gif



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