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2c and 3c may be undervalued

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Old obsoletes offer value


I did not set out to complete my obsolete cent type set so quickly, but the lore of the registry pulled me in. My 2c shield was a raw acquisition about three years ago for about a c-note. It came back MS-63 so I was pleased. I do expect to upgrade this specimen in the near future.


My trime set started with a nice, MS64, die clash error type two in a PCGS holder. I was able to pick this one up just slightly over bid (at the time). I just added a very nicely contrasting PF 65 CAM for the T3...and maybe the most eye-appealing of all, is the 1852 Gem pictured below. This piece was picked up at auction for a bit more than half what I thought I'd have to pay.


Given their relative rarity in high states of preservation and their connection to classic Americanna; I view these oft-overlooked coins as tremendous values at current levels.


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