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What will pop the toned coin bubble?

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"A thing is only worth what someone is willing to pay you for it." If you wanted that Morgan, and were willing to pay the dealer's firm asking price, then you got what you wanted. And if you're lucky, when you try to sell it someday, there will be someone else out there to whom your beautiful coin is worth just as much. Beautifully toned Morgans have always, and will always, bring premiums. Sometimes the coins trade for prices equivalent to not one, but two grade points higher.


This is different from artificial run-ups in price caused by hype. For example, I have observed what appeared in my opinion to be a cabal of dealers bidding on each other's coins on Ebay to create the impression of a heated and high-priced market for dipped UCAM & DCAM coins. Sorry, I will NOT name names !!!!


Never be swayed by advertisements and hype. Make your own judgments slowly and carefully, and based upon your own experience. This experience should be gained over a period of time, preferably including retail, bourse-floor and auction data, as well as healthy exchanges with other collectors. These message boards are an incredible resource in this regard.




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