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superb gem proof ultra cameo seated dime

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this coin currently resides in an ngc pf 66 ultra cameo holder and is what i would call a stellar ultra cameo

the reverse is ultra cameo plus plus with the obverse being ultra cameo plus plus which is highly unusual for an obverse

of a proof lib seated dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this coin is totally blast white with some super light gold rim toning from a dipping

now of course i am sure it was dipped

but oh waht a dip! the mirrors are as deep as i have seen on a seated dime in proof and the frost is exceptional

for an ultra cameo coin


the grade is solid for me and there is a slight reeding mark ever so slight under the e in states on the obv.

that would

go unnoticed by most. there are some light toning dots that are invisible to the eye when this coin is viewed

sight seen that the dip could never ever remove but

with the miracle of coin scanning you can see some of these.


overall the coin at first glance looks 67plus and the flash and blast of this coin is incredible


an obvious full strike and usually for a date this coin 1885 is never quite fully struck in proof also the dies

are new and

fresh and the devices meet the fields at crisp 90% angles.


also this date comes hairlined and this coin has

absolutely no hairlines at all not one!


but the reason why it is not in a 67 holder is because of the dipping

and the almost invisible reeding mark on the obverse as stated above


i have seen a few deep cameo proof seated dimes graded at another major service as such and they

were not true deep cameos on the obverse NOT AT ALL close really close but no cigar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they were solid deep cameos on the reverse as is always the case and a near miss deep cameo on the obverse

but still in a deep cameo designated holder!!!!!!!!!!! but again that is my opinion just make sure if you are

buying these coins it is okie to pay the price thruogh the nose so to speak just make sure the coin is at the

very least a solid deep/ultra cameo BOTH SIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




for me this coin is rare as such with the obverse looking like it does and the image barely does justice to the

coin it really needs to bee seen in person overall the coin has a really terrific look to it and a deep/ultra

cameo PLUS!!!!!! on both sides which is rare!


this coin is in an eastern collection and the above is my opinion as i have seen this coin in person


sincerely michael now the scan is okie but it is hard to capture these deep cameo proof coins the coin has

the look and blast white flash of a new silver american eagle deep white frost

watery mirrors and you would know this is the same coin if you saw it in person

and looks ten times better in person!! grin.gifsmirk.gifwink.gifblush.gifooo.gifsmile.gif


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Thanks again for sharing Michael! And yes, happy Thanksgiving to you and to you EVP, and to all! smile.gif




p.s. Anyone have opinions about an MS65 Lexington half dollar, richly toned with booming lustre?

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thanks evp! let me know if you ever go on chat on the pcgs boards i would like to talk to you on there!

for me i cant stand dipped blast white business strike mintstate seated coinsd as to me it is gross


i love the white original think skinned coins or coins that are attractively to monster toned


now the proof coins i like thick skinned and white proofs milky with monster or nice toning also




with the deep ultra cameo proofs for me i do not mind and i like the blast white coins as long as they have

the right look with no haze cloudiness and with flash and blast like they were just struck yesterday

as this was the intent of the proofs to showcase the coinage and especially so the deep ultra cameos!! they

were supposed to look this way and not made to enter circulation but to be saved by collectors


so the dipped blast white proofs in ultra cameo are for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! truly the showcase coiners cavier!


and once in a great while a blast white proof coin from this era appears with the right "look" i will call it and then

it is fine for me but it has to have the right set of looks which for me this coin does!!!!!!


but this coin needs to be sight seen!


truly the ultra cameo deep watery liquid mirrored proofs blast white just from the dies of the pre 1915 era

showcased the mintmasters art to its fullest!!!!!!!! and are close

to being as rare if not rarer than their mintstate counterparts


a complete gem proof seated blast white deep/ultra cameo demonination set is great to study!


sincerely michael

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i hope hoot

you and evp have some rest and relaxing on turkey day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


for me a real lexington in 65 with great toning and with booming lustre underneath the toning would be a really

rare coin as such and bring multiples of sheet how much

i would need to see the coin in person but that would be a great undervalued sleeper coin to have

and there would be huge demand for such a coin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i would love to see something like that!! and if the top of that structure on the reverse of the coin if it was fully

struck that would be even more rare especially so with great lustre that would definately bring multiples of sheet

and with great eye appeal also but that would sure be a dream coin that might not even exist!!

i am sure a few abet really very few exist like i describe above


sincerely michael

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