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into indian cents? do you collect them? what is your fav. special coin?

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what is your favorite type of indian cent? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


do you collect proofs? cameos? colored coins?


mintstate and/or circulated business strike? better dates? varities? or just any cool flowerred.gif special flowerred.gif coins 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


is the collecting of indian cents getting more popular?


how about the copper nick indians??





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I myself started working on a Indian cent collection a little over 6 months ago...


I've got them housed in a Dansco Album, and a started off with half roll that I bought. They are as follows:


Copper Nickel

1864 (G-6)



1887 (G-6)

1889 (G-6)

1890 (G-4)

1891 (G-6)

1893 (G-4)

1895 (G-4)

1896 (G-4)

1897 (G-4)

1898 (VG-8)

1899 (AU-58, Cleaned)

1900 (G-4)

1901 (G-6)

1902 (VG-8)

1903 (VG-8)

1904 (VG-10)

1905 (VG-10)

1906 (VG-8)

1907 (EF-40)

1908 (G-4)

1908-S (VG-8)

1909 (VG-8)

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I collected Indian cents many, many years ago when I was high school. One of my favorite dates was 1876 because it was "one year from glory" and had a date style that was very much like the 1877. One of the first really sharp (EF-45) better date Indians that I acquired was an 1876 that I bought from a classmate. When I sold my set that coin went with it, and I've since regreted that.

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I have only two IHC`s in my collection at this time. They are an 1877 NGC VF-30 and a 1909-S Pcgs VF-35. I collect key dates only.

My wife on the other hand has taken an interest in collecting sets. She has been eyeing an NGC AU-50 1911-D $2 1/2 of mine. But I think she would rather complete the set by herself so it will be more self gratifying . She has my utmost respect and I still have my 11-D . wink.gif

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I bid on two at Heritage and some one out bid me, so I was going to wait until closer to end of sale and rebid.

I got tied up and forgot about it and the sale was over.

They were both Proof Indian heads, 1888 1886.

To me some of the Proofs are over graded, but than I'm picky.

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I sold a platinum half at a coin show in Jan. and was looking to purchase some Indian Heads.

This was the first time I looked at Proofs, but one had real nice toning, and the other was nicely struck.

I look mostly for eye appeal, toning or red is what I do prefer.

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that is a good game plan when looking for proof indian cents


eye appeal and/or toning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think the best values along with scarcest and actually most valuable coins are the super eye appealling incredible colored brown and red brown coins!


then i do not have to worry if the red coin that is many many times more money is going to change in the holder just by natural toning now it should not change if the coin is original and has been red for the last hundred years or so but it still makes me wary


and i have noticed that many red coins are extremely close to red brown on one or both sides and some are full red but with distracting spots stains etc. and many coins that are called red could be a super red brown ever so close to red on another day at the services or even myself i look at the coin one day and i consider it red but as i look at it i go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm






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IHC's will always be my first choice of coins to own. Why, to many reasons to delineate, but I love the design,history and especially the colors that they display. My personal favorite is an 1880 NGC 65 R/B that has shades of purple and red with great luster. Sadly I have been unable to capture its color as it actually appears.


I own a circulated full set, most of which were handed down through the generations and about 40% complete set of au/bu coins including a tough 72 red. Some of them have been messed with but have incredible strikes or other compensation factors. I call them my three legged dogs. I also have a registry set started with a goal to complete in 64 reds or 65 red/browns. Besides that I have various slabbed dupes that struck my fancy.

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When I got back into collecting after a 30 year hiatus, the first thing I did was trade some rolls of IHCs I bought at auction back then for a 5 RD. It's in a PC holder & is an 09, so it's definitely a type coin. Some hits on the ONE CENT preclude it from grading higher.


Unlike earlier copper, it's much easier to find a problem-free 5 RD IHC, and prices are SO much more reasonable (though they have gone up quite a bit in the last 3 years). They're beautiful coins & compared to some other series, aren't extremely difficult to grade (like Capped Bust Halves).

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How did you remove the "COPY" from that 1858??


Didn't have to - it's on the edge so after it gets slabbed you don't see it anymore! devil.gif Coin's a 66 Cam - I think you've drooled on it in the past, I had to water-proof the holder because of guys like you.


Tim - Welcome to the "nice guy boards" - flame throwers are banned over here

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