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Can registry points for circulated coins be expanded?

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I've searched the previous threads to see if this has been reviewed previously...with no results, so here goes.


As an example, I recently acquired an 1892-S Morgan Dollar in AU58. The registry point system gives the same points for AU50, 53, 55 & 58.


CDN has AU50 bid @ $1,300 and MS60 bid @ $24,500, a big jump with a lot of value in between. Realized prices for auctions verify that an AU58 coin is worth substantially more than an AU50. The population reports for both NGC & PCGS also support variance in value associated with the grade rarity of this particular coin.


Certainly, this is not the only denomination/date/mint with similar circumstances. Wouldn't the registry system benefit from an expansion of the circulated grades? After all, the uncirculated "mid-grades" such as MS61 & MS62 are supported in the registry point scale.


Summary: I respectfully suggest the NGC Registry expand to accomodate mid-grade, circulated coins to provide better accuracy in conjunction with the grade and value.


Thanks for your consideration and input.


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