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1856-O half repunched date?

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I seem to have a 1856-O with repunching on 156, but do you have any info on this variety?

Breen lists "ovbiously repunched 56" variety(Breen 4868) and "double date"(Breen 4869), but I think mine doen't fit either of them.


Here's the image. I wish I could take better one, but this is the best I could.

I see repunching on lower side of 1 and upper side of 5 and 6


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Look on Stella.com for the Seated Liberty half dollar book they have posted there. That book will have far more information, far more correct information, and far more detailed information than Breen.

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I don't see the problem, as it appears to be a WB-102 from your own photos. In Wiley/Bugart's book they list a footnote to their description as follows:

(See [16] pages 352-353 and [Gobrecht Journal issue 52] pages 7-11.)

You might check this if you have access to the Gobrecht Journal issue 52.

I would say that you have a nice coin that quite possibly could be an R4 if in XF condition. If I have time, I will research this further when I get back.

Good luck.



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Thanks for the info, but your link stella.com doesn't work. Is it just me?




Unfortunately, I don't have access to Gobrecht Journal anymore.

It's graded MS62, but does it mean it's rarer than R-4?


It is Breen's "Doubled Date" 4869 or as Jesbroken says WB-102.


I don't see doubling on 8, but is it the way 4869 looks?

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The repunch of the 8 is not as noticeable as on the other digits, but should be seen on the outside of the lower left of the upper loop. (Wow, say that three times fast!) On some examples it can also be seen on the outside of the upper right side of the loop.


Link to Stella Coin News Reference Books


Edit to add: Wiley/Bugert called an MS example R-7 when they first published their text back in 1993. Most specialists now say it is probably R-4 as MS and R-2 in XF and above.


Second edit for spelling

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