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How Are You Doing on Your 2009 Collecting Goals?

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Hi all -


On this thread, a bunch of us laid out collecting goals for 2009. I was among them and since I just started making up my 2010 coin budget tonight, I thought I'd look back at the 2009 goals and see how I did:


(1) Sell off a fair amount of duplicate coins. For example, I have been collecting from circulation 82 coins from each mint of each state quarter (2 rolls, 1 for type, 1 for date). That's a heck of a lot of money to have tied up in these coins for a program that's now going to effectively go on for at least another 12 years. I also have a lot of duplicate nickels, wheat cents, and MS Kennedies (direct from Mint) that I calculate are worth about $800 face value, $1500 if I were to buy from a dealer. I'm hoping to get about $1k for them ... if I can't, then they're off to the bank.

Definitely made some progress here. Just last month, $800 in quarters and dollars, and a few $hundred over the year from other stuff. I probably have at least another $250 to go, but I'm reasonably happy with my progress so far.



(2) I still plan on adding to my date sets with all the new coins for 2009. I'm limiting myself to 1 roll of each quarter, though for the moment I'm still doing 2 roll's worth of presidential/sac dollars (1 in original roll, one sorted by best condition, pared down from a few rolls' worth). Except for maybe the mintmark D Sacs, I should be able to get all these for face, so I can always sell them off later for face and not lose money.

Check on this except for the circulating 2009 stuff 'cause it's NOT CIRCULATING. But I'll find it eventually and this isn't a hugely important goal in terms of it must be done within 2009.



(3) I also still plan on getting some of the other stuff the Mint puts out, such as my annual proof sets, my annual SAE, 1/4 oz GAE, and I would do a 1/10 oz PAE, but now I "have" to upgrade to 1 oz because the Mint is discontinuing all fractional PAEs regardless of strike. I also plan on getting the gold St. Gaudens as well as the two commemoratives for this year. My total budget for Mint stuff is about $3.5k (I eliminated a good $1k from what I had in there originally).

Well, the Mint kinda messed up the plans here due to piddling away on what they were going to offer and when. I think my purchases will be $4k once all is said and done here, and no GAE nor proof SAE.



(4) For sets that I want to concentrate on, I'm trimming the fat and concentrating on 5 sets. I want to finish my Ike set - I have 9 coins left out of the 35 in the set and all but two of the expensive ones are purchased (including the 1972 Type II). I'm also going to almost complete my SBA set with everything from 1979-1981 except for the 1981 S, which in MS-66 is a $500 coin (I already have the two Type II proofs). I'm also going to start an MS-69 Britannia set (thanks, Michael for the tips!). I plan on only buying 5 of the coins this year, the 1999, 2004, 2005, 2008, and 2009 (I should've gotten the 2008 6 months ago when it was cheaper). In addition, I will be continuing the Chinese Panda set I started last month, buying all coins since 2002 (assuming I can find them) in MS-69 condition.

I have one coin left in my Ike set, the inexpensive MS-65 1978-D that I just have yet to find a nice example of. I only added one coin to the SBA set so far and doubt I'll add more due to being woefully over-budget in other areas of coins. I only added the 2009 Britannia, but I added 3 Pandas that I like.


The stuff I'm way over on that I didn't budget for was well over $500 on International Year of Astronomy coins that I still have at least 2-3 coins left to buy for.



(5) The fifth set is my 20th Century Type set, all types and varieties during the FIRST year of issue (or 1901) from the Philadelphia mint. I took a close look the prices vs. grades, my budget, etc., and decided that, in general, the turn-of-the-century coins would be around MS-63, next MS-64, and the most recent MS-66. For example, I'll be looking for a 1901 Liberty Head nickel in MS-63, 1913 Buffalo (Type I and II) in MS-64, and then 1938 Jefferson in MS-66 and 1942-P in MS-66FS. Because of the cost and my limited budget, I'll only be looking to complete the nickels and dimes this year. Only the '65 and '76 Washington, the Franklin and Kennedy halves, and a 1922 Peace dollar for those sets, plus a 1901-O Morgan (since 1901 in MS-63 is a very expensive coin). I also really want to add historic gold this year, so a 1908 quarter eagle in MS-62 will round off that goal.

I had planned to add much more to this than I did, but, again, I went over-budget in other areas so trimmed this down considerably. Plus, many of the coins that I was looking for simply didn't become available in examples that I liked. I did end up adding a 1909 no VDB and 1959 cent, 1913 Ty1 and 1942 Ty2 nickel, 1917 Ty1 quarter, 1901-O and 1922 dollar, and a 1901 quarter eagle. Some pretty nice coins (I can post photos if people actually want) that I'm happy with but I didn't get to check off quite as many coins as I wanted due to budget restrictions.



(6) When trimming my collection, continue upgrading my inventory list, separating things into marked sets instead of just "Cents," "Nickels," "Bullion," etc. Also do some re-organization of the physical collection.

Almost done here in the inventory, and I have done a little rearranging of the physical collection but not too much. I've done enough though such that I feel fine with the state of this goal.



and (7) Continue to photograph my "unique" coins, especially the commemoratives, bullion, and Type set (as opposed to the 100s in the year sets) and put them on my coin website.


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I started this year with no collecting goals.

I made some great head way on my Roosevelt but some of the coins I needed didn't come available this year.

I still want to get a 1970 No S Roosevelt but only 2 came up in auction and I didn't like either of them.

I have found that in coin collecting patience is always your friend, don't just buy a coin to fill a slot.


There is always next year!! ;)

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In 2009 I completed my Dansco V Nickel set but realize as James pointed out, there's lots of room for upgrades.

I have nearly completed a signature set for the bicentennial Lincolns (just two more) hopefully, with the help from Jamie, I will have this completed.


2010 will focus on my V nickel registry. Save money for that 1885!

I think I may also save for the 1909 S VDB which is one I am still missing.

I plan to buy Silver Eagle Proofs and Presidential Dollar as well.



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In 2009 I would like to finish my Franklin set. I am missing 6, but those six are the toughest. If I get lucky, I might be able to do it. I'm not entirely sure what I will work on next, but it will almost definitely be of the half dollar variety.


There are a couple of holes in my shilling set that I need to fill as well.


Beyond that, I would really like to get a really nice Draped Bust half, or if I win the lottery maybe a Flowing Hair. That probably won't happen though.


I apparently laid out three goals, and I have done exceedingly well.


1. My Franklin set is now missing only one - 1952S.


2. My shilling type set by Monarch is now complete back to Queen Anne.


3. I got a beautiful DBH with my tax refund.


Now its time to start thinking of next years goals ;)

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I apparently laid out three goals, and I have done exceedingly well. ...


Now its time to start thinking of next years goals ;)


Awesome! Have you photographs of the shilling set? It might be interesting to see the designs change over the years.


And I was thinking of posting a thread next month (next week! yikes!) if someone else didn't get to it first for 2010 goals. ;)

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At the start of the year I wanted to get a bit more order to my collecting


Am pretty much on the way . I wanted to have a top 10 set of Lincoln proofs and have a month to finish getting that goal done .


also wanted to sort out my peace dollars . I have replaced maybe 60% of what I had and now have a much better idea for what the set will look like an am collecting towards that . \


Didn't get my ultra relief coin and probably won't. Also never got a proof silver eagle which is a disappointment .


Spent a lot more money on books this year than i thought I was as going to ,But enjoy the reading immensely


One month to go and the goal is in site :-).

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I apparently laid out three goals, and I have done exceedingly well. ...


Now its time to start thinking of next years goals ;)


Awesome! Have you photographs of the shilling set? It might be interesting to see the designs change over the years.


And I was thinking of posting a thread next month (next week! yikes!) if someone else didn't get to it first for 2010 goals. ;)


I did a thread about it a few months ago. You must have missed it: http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Board=3&Number=3369421

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I finished my Franklin half set & and got another year of presidential dollars. Still working on my 3 cent nickels with the 1883 and 1885.


Goals for next year will be to find the last two for my 3CN set and upgrade my 1872 in my 2 cent piece set. I would also like to refocus on my main sets and sell off the others.


The ones I am thinking about selling are the large cents, mercury dimes, and the ones in the 7070 set that are not already in my other sets (2c, 3CN & 3CS)

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I began the year hoping to acquire the MMIX High Relief St. Gauden's. I did not purchase one choosing to go in a different direction. I was able to score an 1894 10 Pfennig German New Guinea coin. The Bird of Paradise on the obverse is best design I have seen on a coin. So, I am happy with 2009.

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I had no 2009 goals because I knew I was not going to buy hardly anything this year. And actually, because one of my series has experienced substantial appreciation recently, I am actually going backwards through some unplanned selling. The prices are simply too good to pass up.


At the moment, I do not expect to do much buying - only selectively - in 2010 either. Since I am negative on coin prices generally for the near future, I expect most coins to be selling for less several years from now. If the coins I am selling are available for less, I may try to replace them assuming they are available which they generally are not. Otherwise, I will move on.

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So far as the major stuff goes, I'm on hold for an indefinite period. The funds just are not there given the economy. I'm still collecting 19th century presidential campaign pieces, and keeping up the modern coins (Proof sets, commemoratives) that I collect.

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I didn't respond to that original thread, but I have obtained only one coin that I wanted, a 1936 proof Walker for my album. Technically, I did also secure a 1937 proof dime - actually two of them, but I've decided to sell one of them due to the slab that it is in (I do not want to crack it out), and the other is a horrible coin for the grade/sticker.


However, I did manage to place a number of coins for clients, and I see that as a great success. In fact, I believe I placed about 20 tough coins in clients' collections this past year.


All in all, it was a poor year for me personally.

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Sorry to hear that, James. It was a very rough year for me too, and I knew it would be going in.


I'll post my thoughts on how I met my collecting goals tomorrow, hopefully with a new photo to share. :)

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I just cut and pasted from my coin 'Blog' that virtually nobody reads; that's why there are references to pics and earlier posts. If you care, it's here (along with the pics and posts):



First: 2009


Looking back at my original goals for 2009 (see post: 'January 4, 2009: Year in Review' below), it's clear that I was expecting to hunker down for a rough year, with only moderate additions to my collection. My primary goals were (a) to continue to build my core sets, Silver Britannias in MS69 (1998-date) and Birds on Coins, and (b) if possible, spend a little time working on my secondary sets, Lincoln Cents (1909-date; business strikes), Favourite British Coins (1800-date), 20th Century US Type, and Jefferson Nickels (1938-date; business strikes). While carrying out my goals, I intended to constrain myself to adding only to established, defined sets, rather than buying whatever struck my fancy. So how did everything work out?


For starters, I'm extraordinarily pleased with the development of my set of Silver Britannias in MS69 (1998-date). As of January, I was down to the 2007 and 2009 issues. February saw me acquiring the 2009 issue in PCGS MS69 (pop. at the time: 3/0; currently only 5/0). I was pleased to locate one so quickly, but didn't hold out much hope of finding my 2007. In the meantime, I purchased several raw 2007s, but the best I could locate still weren't good enough. Finally, in November, one of my contacts emailed me with the stunning news that he had made two 2007 MS69s and offered me my pick. The coin you see below just arrived today, completing my set through 1998-2009! It was a long time in coming!


My Birds on Coins set didn't advance one bit, and actually shrank a bit due to me selling a kookaburra. I liked the coin a lot, but I needed the dough (rough year, remember?) My coin collecting has always, and will always, come in second to the needs of my family. I'm not overly concerned with the kookaburra, because I think it's a fairly easily replaceable coin. I do hold out some hope that I'll get to add a new 2009 Belarus coin to my collection this year. More on that later.


My secondary sets, perhaps predictably, did not advance much. Two major (for little ol' me) successes were the completion of my 1943-P set with the purchase of a very nice 1943-P NGC MS65 Walker with a nice strike. I later sold the 43-P Walker, Jefferson, and Mercury, but I'm keeping the quarter and cent for my type set. You would not believe (or you might, if you're reading this blog!) how many Walkers I reviewed and dismissed for want of a full thumb. I bought several and either flipped or returned them for that problem, or for surface issues, which are unfortunately common on 'white' coins. Naturally white coins aren't common at all.


I didn't do much with my Lincolns, but I did add a nice original 1914-S in fine to my album. I'm waiting to add any 2009 issues to my Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington sets until I buy a mint set, because what I've seen in circulation isn't impressive, and honestly, I really don't care that much about super-moderns.


So how good was I at sticking to my 'sets-only' rule? Surprisingly good, actually. I only bought one coin (under $10) that wasn't on my list (the George V Canadian cent on this page). Couldn't resist the woodgraining on it. I'm very proud of my restrain and discipline this year (although a thin wallet didn't hurt that cause, either). Well, okay I also bought a $1,100 gold St. Gaudens Eagle from the mint, but that was a flip for a couple hundred bucks that didn't even go towards coins, unfortunately.



Major 2009 Purchases:


2007 NGC/PCGS MS69 Silver Britannia

2009 NGC/PCGS MS69 Silver Britannia

1914-S - problem-free fine, brown, raw

1943-P PCGS MS65 Walking Liberty Half - blast white, natural



Next Year: 2010


Times are still lean here, and unless that changes anytime soon, my 2010 want list is going to reflect that. I will once again continue my strong focus on building core sets: Silver Britannias in MS69 (1998-date) and Birds on Coins. I've finally caught up my Britannia set from 1998-2009, so all I have to worry about this year is the current 2010 issue. Does this mean I should move on to proofs? I sold my 2007 NGC PF69UCAM this year (oh the carnage in my collection!) If I start back into Britannia proofs, one coin I've always wanted was the 1997 proof that started it all.


My Birds on Coins set needs some attention, and I hope to give it some. Ideally, I will be able to pick up the 2009 Belarus silver 10 ruble Greylag Goose issue by the end of 2009 or 2010. I could also add to the Belarus birds theme with the 2007 and 2008 bird coins in their alternate composition (CuNi or silver). I'd like to add a kookaburra back in, and any other birds that are interesting. This is intended to be a flexible, open-ended set.


I sold a lot of my 20th Century US Type Set this year. I'll probably keep a few coins there, but I'm much more interested lately in British coins. I'm not certain I'm 'feeling' the US material lately. I think a Monarch set of British Pennies might be fun to undertake. If I do anything with US coins, I've often thought a 5-cent type set in MS64-65 would be pretty. I don't expect a lot of action here, though. I may or may not bother much with my Jefferson nickels this year.


As before, for my Lincoln cent set, I want to buy the 5 wheat semi-keys and the 1970-S small date I still need. That would leave only the (currently unobtainable) keys and would feel like a real accomplishment to me. My memorial cents would be complete, and the wheaties would be as complete as I'll be able to get them for now. On to the shield cents of 2010!


Overall, in 2010, my main goal is to continue to tread water. I hung onto my Britannias this year, and at times that was really hard. I want to keep things well organized and eliminate the few remaining coins that don't play a strong role in my collection. There are a few coins in my sets needing a photo session. In the upcoming year, I want to be even more focused and work on building strong sets.

Below is my current want list for 2010, listing the coins I am 'allowed' to buy this year.



Want List (2010)::




Silver Britannias:

2010 NGC/PCGS MS69


Birds on Coins:

2009 Belarus Silver 10 Rubles 'Graylag Goose'

2005 Belarus Silver 20 Rubles Almany Bogs Owl

1988 Hungary 500 Forint Silver Proof Montagu's Falcon

Other attractive world bird coins





1911-S - fine, brown

1912-S - fine, brown

1913-S - fine, brown

1915-S - fine, brown

1924-D - fine, brown

1970-S SD - UNC or AU, RD-BRN


If the right coin walks along:

MS64 Liberty Head Nickel

British Pennies, uncirculated, Monarch type set.

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I didn't set any particular goals, but I can report that I bought only two coins all year (the most recent way back in March).


I'm in this same bucket. I didn't set any particular goals but did end up buying two coins that I'm pleased with...

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