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Nashua Coin Show.......Busy!

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Very, very busy. I'm not sure if the football game this afternoon had something to do with all the activity, but regardless, it was a packed house.

Most everyone talked of FUN being very good to excellent, with extremely strong prices noted on just about everything.

Prices seem firm on EVERYTHING. Negotiating wasn't very easy today. I believe everyone came back from FUN and either raised there prices a bit, or are just holding out for strong buyers.

Still, there seemed to be a lot of activity. Gold seemed to be in more cases, but I'm not sure how fast it was running out the door.

I'm always looking for nice type stuff, and it wasn't easy to find. I found and passed on a few overgraded pieces that were "deals" with prices below bid, but I almost bought them regardless, as pricing was so strong. ]

I still managed to walk away with a few very nice coins, but I would say the price of poker has just gone up.........and up! smile.gif



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Thanks for the report bigD5. You said price for every stuff was firm, but how about some 19th coins like seated/bust material? Are the price for those even getting higher? And how about early 20th coinage like SLQs?

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SLQ's have been on a steady climb for a little while now, especially the FH coins.

There wasn't a ton of seated and bust material floating around, but for the few pieces that I inquired about, prices were strong.


Carl, we have so much cold weather up here, you just get used to it. wink.gif


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Thanks for the report Darin! How could you pass on nice material less than greysheet right now? blush.gif


GREAT buff! MS65? Looks sweet! cloud9.gif



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Hoot, the coins were overgraded, for my eye, and really weren't "deals" even priced at below bid. One coin was a '16-s Walker. Tougher coin to find, but liberally graded at xf/40 by ANACS. I'm going to check that out again after looking through my Walker book. I know the earlier dates are graded slightly different than the later dates. It may actually be properly graded.

The coin pictured is in a 64 holder, and I believe it to be a 65 also. Very, very sharply struck, with good luster, and the eye appeal is there also. The obverse is just a bit muted, and that may be what keeps it from going 65, but I've seen much worse, and I would say it's average obv. luster, and not "dull". I may give this one a try for an upgrade.


Your coin has more jewel-type colors, ruby red and emerald green. This coin has that aqua and purply mix. I like both combo's.


Also, as an addition, I was offered quite a bit of really nice copper. 1812 lg. cents, some better date half cents etc. 3 dealers back from FUN said things were busy in every aspect of the market, but they weren't able to move the copper. May have just been the venue. Anyway, I passed on the coins, but at least one of them is still calling my name. smile.gif

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