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What to get??

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I've decided to reward myself for surviving finals and doing dam well in school this last semester. But. But, I'm not sure what to get and I want to try not to go over $50-60... Yearly budget cut almost in half. frown.gif ....


I want to complete my US type set. All I need is:


.10 Liberty seated - W/ Arrows

.25 Liberty Seated - W/ Motto

.50 Capped Bust - Reeded Edge

.50 Liberty Seated- W/ Motto

1.00 Liberty Seated - No Motto

1.00 Liberty Seated - W/ Motto


But I also have many other sets I'm working on too. Flying Eagle/Indian Head album, I could get half a dozzen realy nice ones to add to it... Buffalo Nickels, Mercury Dimes, Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars the list goes on. I need to focus on something or else I will buy the whole store and wind up with busted nee caps when I can't pay for it... I like to go into the store with a "back up" just in case too.

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While I'm unqualified to offer an opinion about what to purchase, I do want to congratulate you on doing well at school. That's just great, and something for which you deservedly should treat yourself!




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Well, I couldn't even keep my own restrictions... but I still have my neecaps! 893applaud-thumb.gif


I managed to find an 1875 Liberty Seated quarter in fine condition for $20. But my real prize was the 1866-S Liberty Seated Half Dollar with motto. It was maked as Extra Fine, only $80, but I realy think this coin is AU. It was two small nicks on the obverse, but the detail is amazing.


Does anyone have the grading standards for Liberty seated halves? Do the two nicks drag it from AU to EF automaticly?

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What Beijim said! 893applaud-thumb.gif


As for AU vs. EF, this will be determined by the degree of wear. Bagginess will matter far less in the determination of grade as long as the coin is not damaged.



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hi there numbers congrats on a really good purchase on that 1866-s half i do not know if the marks effect the coin or its grade need to see it in hand sight seen but from a guesstimate?? i think not based on what you say but again for sure need to see the coin


an 1866 s motto would be an easy 300 dollar coin in au 50 a nice looking eye appealling au50 for au 50 only a trace of wear on eagles wing tips and neck and ms libertys foot must be fully separated from her sandle a super rare coin in unc and for the date an uncommon coin


lots of san fran coins are weakly struck in the wings and other places on the design on the obverse and reverse the s mintmark is also very weak on this coin


as per the above i am assuming it is a with motto coin









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