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How long does it take to search a $50 bag of Lincoln cents?

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If you're a procrastinator like me, it would be 4-5 years. Some of you may recall that I started one particular search of a 1980 bag a few years ago. Well, I've finally finished, and there were some interesting results.


I had mentioned that I found a clashed "Y" from LIBERTY between the first and second columns from the left side of the Memorial on the reverse. Actually, I found two distinctly different specimens that were produced from different dies. One is a strong clash that is visible to the naked eye. It has two markers - a die scratch between the "R" & "I" of AMERICA and another die scratch from the right-hand base of the "A" in AMERICA to the "F" of the designer's initials (FG). The second clash is very weak, and is barely visible under the microscope, but I was able to find them readily from the marker - a die gouge above the "E" of CENT. Also, in both clashes, you can see the line of Lincoln's shoulder between the second and third columns of the Memorial.


In all, this is what I found:


Strong clash - 109

Weak clash - 119


Additionally, I found 134 specimens where the designer's initials were heavily polished, and the "F" is barely visible. I also set aside 400+ specimens which had varying degrees of toning, but since I am not really into Lincoln cents, I can't say if any of them are worthwhile or not.


It's interesting to note that there is not one "Clashed Letter" listed in the CPG for Lincoln cents. Are they considered common to Lincolns?


In spite of the fact that it took me so long to finish this bag, I'll have to admit that it was kind of fun since I had a specific objective after finding the first clash, but it leaves me with a small dilemma. Should I open the other two bags? I don't know if I'll live long enough to finish.



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It's interesting to note that there is not one "Clashed Letter" listed in the CPG for Lincoln cents. Are they considered common to Lincolns?

Great to see you posting again!


Clashed die of the type you describe are very common and are not distinct "varieties", thus they rightly should not appear in CPG. However, if there were some varieties worth looking for (doubled-dies, etc.), then clashing would show die progression, and it's conceivable that fanatics might pursue collecting by die-state.

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My dad bought us a bag of 1972 cents - in 1972 - looking for a DDO. I found dzens of them that looked like a very weak doubling (like a 1955 poorman's) which we did not bother to keep (there was no knowledge of things like DDO-1 and DDO-2 back then) and, after all was said and one, we came up empty-handed.


We had a thingamajiggy that you coul load up with a roll of pennies and 'slide' them under the magnifier one by one - pulling the slide back dumped the coin and loaded the next one.


Took us about 2 weeks doing it evey evening for a couple hours a night.




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