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eBay Error Listings

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Don't know how many of you are into collecting (or are even interested) in errors, but I just got thru going down 15 of the 24 pages of error coins eBay has listed. Saw ALL denominations with probably ALL the errors ever put on coins and probably some that were either invented by the seller (seeing something that isn't there) or manufactured by the seller (clipped planchets being the easiest).


Thought I'd share a few of them with you and hear what you think of them.


First off, the 2003 PR set with the "disappearing" dates and lettering. Should all of us that have a set sell them if they are going to get $250+ for?



This is for a "shaved" Lincoln. The seller says Lincoln has no beard or eyebrows on this coin!



A 1972 Ike error. Did the owner dip it in molten metal?



The only error on this Jefferson is the sellers photo skills!



Is this cent error really worth $7750??????????



Now the biggie! Only $60,000 for this gold error!! One of four on the same page from Mike Byers of Byers Numismatic Corp. The price range of the four are from 25K to 85K. Chose this one for its beauty. WOW!!





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