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Wanting to branch into another series

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First and foremost I'm a Lincoln Cent collector. Nonetheless I feel like branching into another series that has more recently caught my eye, and continuously barraged it with beauty. Language aside, the series I want to venture into is Peace Dollars. I know nothing of them. If anyone wants to enlighten me on them, as I do not have access to my friendly dealer back home, I would be much obliged. Apart from info, if anyone has some nice examples they would like to part with, I would be happy to make that wish come true.




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Hi There

I can vouch for the fact it is a good read .

I had already started collecting peace dollars when i got the book and have since changed direction in what I buy and have replaced most of what I had .


I have lost the book somewhere while moving so I will have to get another :-)


Anyway Here is a nice 1926 d in pcgs 64 that Coindude got for me in the last Scotsman auction. The strike seems to be all over the place but I like the die crack and the hair is not to bad :-)





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I think the Peace dollar set is severely underappreciated - and that is good news for you. It's a very attractive art deco design, you can find well produced coins for virtually every issue, and the whole collection fits very conveniently into a smaller-than-average sized album. This is one set that I believe should be collected UNcertified. Once you get just a little experience, you'll be able to grades these coins fairly easily.


The most important thing to remember is this: greysheet is full retail, which is the good news I was referring to. Therefore, you will be able to consistently buy coins for under wholesale, and I am talking about nice coins. Further, since so many dealers don't bother much with Peace dollars, the coins are rife for cherry picking.


1934-S is the sole exception - you cannot get it for below wholesale, and true BUs are genuinely scarce.


Best of luck with these! I have assembled and sold a couple of BU sets in the past few years.

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