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FUN 2004

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January 12, 2004 4:28 PM




My time at fun was full of looking, walking, looking and walking.


I arrived on Tuesday PM and went right to the Rosen plaza for the auction that Superior was hosting. when I walked in they were just finishing up the half dollars so I could not get a feel for the prices. Next up were the dollars, which was what I wanted to see. The prices were vey strong for all the early stuff. Next up were the Morgans which was where I thought I might be able to buy something. WOW the prices were crazy. I watched as a 1880-o in 64 hammered for $6000. Most coins were bringing 50% and more over sheet. Mike Casper was there driving prices thru the roof. I was not able to get anything that night. I was sitting next to a dealer who must have been talking to his partner on the cell phone when I heard him say "do not quote any prices until I talk to you after this sale". It appears the greysheets are way behind what coins are bringing on the floor.


Next up were the commem's. I was sitting with a friend who wanted to bid on a few of these so I stayed to watch what was happening. Well ,These prices went thru the roof too. He ended up buying an Iowa in 68 a monster for $2900 plus the juice. He was bidding on the three BTW coins in 67, real nice group of coins. He bailed out at $12000 and was not even second place. They hammered around $18000 plus juice. Went to the hotel with numbers jumping around in my head, hopping that there would be some sanity on the bourse floor.


I met up with ArtR almost right away in the lobby waiting for the show to open. He told me he was just sitting with a well known tone dealer and monsterman looking over his stuff before the show. Art had his eye on a Monster piece that this dealer had.Art showed me some of his coins that were going to be on display in a dealers case. Included in these coins was arts icon coin, that way cool peace dollar. Also some of the sexiest Morgans anywhere. I tried to pry away a 1900 with great banded color from Art ,but the best I could do was get a promise that I would get first chance if he sold it. I was very happy to pick off a 1883-o with deep purple banded color that will look very nice in my collection. Art has been very helpful in the past with my collection. When the gates opened I went right over to this dealers table to see his coins. Art was right the piece was a monster. I told my friend to go look at it as he was looking for a great piece for a coustomer. If Art passed he should buy it, Deal done coin was bought.


Next I found a nice 1901-o in 65 that a foreign dealer had it was the only U.S. coin he had. This is a very hard coin to find with color. This is an upgrade as I own a 64 with some cool color. I introduced myself to JB stevens and to Bryan Osborn as I was going to be at a table with BRyan and GSAGUY, but he could not make the show. I ran into Irishmike at Bryans table and sold him a coin from my little dupe pile. Went to Charlies for dinner with Jon Rosenthal(tonelover) Bill Kelley(rainbowroosie) and Greattoning (Mr.D) Great meal


Thursday brought new oppurtunitys and I was ready. Looked ovewr the coins in the Heritage signature auction and set my sites on one coin and one coin only. A 1894-s in PCGS65, this was the coin I wanted to make the trip worth while. When I finished looking at coins I once again walked the floor. My feet were hurting after this day from so much walking. It paid off though as I found a beautiful 1885-s in proof like with great color. I also hooked up with Dennis King a toned dealer from Wi. I had him hold a 1878-7tf in 65 for me. This coin has real nice color and is a great addition to my set.He bought a coin from me, a 1893 with nice golden toning which he promptly sold to some one else. I also found a 1890-cc in 64 from a dealer from Ca. A neat coin that I needed for my toned set.


Friday, Iwent to the peabody for the roosie breakfast. This was my last day there so I walked that floor again with the intention of not missing anything. I was talking with rainbowroosie when he showed me a toned morgan he was selling, A 1882-s in 65. He said it was the NGC plate coin from their web site. I bought this as my final deal of the day. Before I left the show I stopped at the auction room and left my bid for the 1894-s which was going to auction off Saturday morning.


Irishmike I will be sending you a scan of my 1894-s in 63 as the heritage coin is mine. Trip complete. Sorry for the long post but the fingers just wanted to keep goin and there was so much more to tell.





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Really great report tonedollars! This, along with the Legend report make for great reads on the show and the current market.


Thanks! cool.gif Hoot

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Just one correction, IrishMike was safe at home in -5 temps and snow, nowhere to be seen at FUN. However I did meet TD last year at FUN. Must not have been real memorable meeting for him. wink.gif


Edited to add: I had to post this so as not to make Dena upset as I know she was so looking forward to meeting me.

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