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Most of all toned coins are described as AU-XF in my country

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I recently started to look through Japanese coin section of Yahoo Japan and noticed most of the seller describe toned "UNC" as AU-XF. Is it common in other foreign countries?? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

On the other hand,they describe harshly cleaned bright coins as "UNC", but it's also a common habit in U.S, you know wink.gif


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I was told by a dealer who specializes in Japan that there are only three grades in Japanese grading scale. Circulated, XF and Uncirculated. In addition, in order to achieve Uncirculated status, the coin must be superb! Much like an MS66 in US standards. I don't know if this is completely factual, but this dealer is very sharp. In addition, I was told that Asian collectors like their coins bright white, so many coins get cleaned or dipped over the years and it is near impossible to find nicely toned coins from Asian countries.




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The dealer is correct in a sence that Japanese grading scale is much more fuzzy than U.S, but we do have G, F, VF, EF, AU, UNC, BU grade.

Definition for UNC/BU varies from person to person, but most people expect MS63 or better to be UNC and as the dealer said, I think MS65/66 is the lowest grade to be considered as BU.

Most people prefer white shiny coins as you said, but I can't understand why people(not all, but many) think toned coins with no wear aren't UNC. confused-smiley-013.gif

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I'm actually looking for rainbow toned Japanese coins, but it's not easy to find one.

As truthteller said, most Japanese prefer white coins and coins are already dipped/cleaned.

Funny thing is the only rainbow toned Japanese I saw was in U.S....Long Beach Show last Sep. I would have bought it if it was cheap.

I managed to pick up 2 toned Japanese coins so far....not monster, but with neat rim toning.

My concern is, I have to sell them cheap when the time come because they are toned wink.gif

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