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finds from York racecorse coin/stamp fair in the UK

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Hi all i have been a bit quiet of late and finaly a local (well two and a half hours away) coin fair happened this weekend . there was 56 dealers and two floors of coin stalls (sorry no pictures forgot the camera !)


there was shed loads of coins but the USA stuff was thin on the ground .. i counted about 48 morgan dollers and 18 peace dollers in the whole place !!! . and not one Vam or uncommon date in the lot of them.. the prices for them were as silly as usual from the £5 ones in the "Junk unsorted boxes" to worn 1921 peace ones in files for £27 !!!

All the large head cents were way over priced and one was even misidentified . It was identified as 1844/81 and had a price tag of £50 and was bashed to hell .. hope no one purchaces it !!!! .There was also the classic misidentification of the 1883 3/2 Shield nickel on two stalls both with silly prices on them :o


As for the other bits it was strange as some were so highly priced for cleaned / dammaged rubbish they made you gulp when you read the price tags


then to the other extreme like the 1858 LL flying eagle in F+ and a 1919 buffalo nickel with a full horn in the £2 "Junk unsorted box" :banana:

and 1868 and the 1879 indian head cents picked out of the 50p "Junk unsorted box"


another one found in a £3 box was this 1874 3 cent not the best condition but for £3 i thaught it was worth a punt.




This poor condition 1820 cent was purchaced for my dansco as a gap filler out of a £2 box and i payed little attension to it untill i got home and got the books out and i have not been able to match the date up to the pictures in the book . the 2 in the date looks like the "Small date type" with the curl-topped 2 .. but there is no mention of the small 2 in the date like mine pictured hear ?




The next find was a classic bit of cherrypicking by myself "If i do say so"

The dealer had a price tag of £12 on this 1868 shield nickel and I managed to get him down to £10 for it (cheeky or what !)

As soon as i got it under my magnifier i knew i was going to have to have it


Check out the nice south-west drift on th cross, annulet, leaves etc


then it got better when I had a look at the obverse and seen it was the more uncommon reverse hub IIB with a broken C in cents as well, Variety 1 (002.94) This is the first exmple of a IIB variety 1 in my collection now



whoops forgot to mention all the lovely die cracks as well :grin:

I have been unable to pin this one down at the moment I thaught it ws the F108 at first but it is not so i will have to have a look through the viewer and see if i can find a match for it.


The last coin i have to show was my most expencive purchace of the day at £20 :o

I instanly fell in love with this 1864 Large motto two cent . it is a long time since i have found a good grade one of thease at a show. and when i saw all the rim cuds i just had to have it .. The coin is a lot crisper in the hand than the scan shows


I cannot make my mind up on the date as the 18 seem to be missformd or somethin and there are two lumps inside the 4 ?



Stunning rim cuds in green



Well i hope you liked the coins .. and any one with any comments please post away


all the best "the daft english man" :devil:

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REALLY great thread by the way...................


Thank you very much .


I have to thank this forum and its conributers for the knowage i now have


THANKS :applause:

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A picture of the reverse of the large cent would help but I am pretty sure it is N-9 an R-4 coin. (75 - 200 estimated to exist) A little better variety.

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