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Looking for Someone to Take Coin Pics

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well i dont know of ohio but i do know there are a few folks that do awsome cam work.


coindude is in texas and is very trustable and does great work. many of us from trading slabs use him.


then there are more but id have to look them up and find where they are. :)

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I don't know anyone in that area - but I can recommend several boardmembers who love taking pics (and are great at it!) Coindude as previously mentioned, and I have used Bob Campbell with great satisfaction. Below is a sample of his work:





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I would highly recommend Bob Campbell, Leeg, becocka, messydesk (from ATS) and Mark Goodman (ATS as well). I do work, but I don't do macro work for the most part and that sounds like what you want. Mark Goodman is probably the best there is and he charges $10 per coin.

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Michael Printz of Larry Whitlow does an outstanding job! He is in Illinois. Here is an example of his work: :)




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If no one else wants the job I'll volunteer to do it, not really to make money (I have a full time job) but because I love photographing coins.


I live in New York and have a Canon 20D digital SLR with a 100mm Canon macro lens that is just amazing and captures every detail.

(Focus is always done in manual mode.)

I use a combination of color corrected room light and a diffused Speedlite.

The camera is securely mounted on a very stable German copy stand which makes a big difference.


Here's a decent photo of a (fake) gold coin I took.....



And a silver medal.....



And here's a copper composite with text.....



If you send me 4 or 5 coins (insured) with return postage I'll photograph them for free. If you like the results we can discuss price.


Please note that I have never had good results with silver and gold proof coins as it is extremely hard to capture the super reflective surfaces.

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Ah, silver and gold proof coins are my specialty! I recently had to raise my price, I now charge a silver quarter. I used to charge a silver dime per coin, but my wife complained it was taking up too much of my time and it seems that now with the extra silver she seems to see that they are worthwhile.


On another note, Leeg's recommendation of a local hookup looks really good! And, Hiho, I really like your pictures.

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Dean1345 and Coindude, you guys are way too kind.


I have never had much luck with silver and gold proofs, so you know something I don't Coindude.


I just take a LOT of photos and use only the best. No one sees my bad ones...

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