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I'm Nothing Short of Amazed By All of the Choice Material At Auction Right Now

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The message title says it all. I can't remember when so much high grade material was available at the same time. Have you looked at any of the auction lots? Superior has an impressive array of high end SLQs, Heritage has an impressive array of just about everything, etc., etc.


The dominant complaint I've heard from dealers in the last year or so was that there wasn't enough fresh material on the market. Well, you can pick and choose from whom you can bid on a 1856 MS / PF 5 Large Cent, MS 65 1916 SLQ, etc. right now. Think I even saw a few MS 66 27 S SLQs available, not to mention some of the most gorgeous images of MS and PF late date Seated and Barber material.


Are that many people selling their collections because of price rises in these specific areas? If not, I'd like to know what is causing so much choice material to become available right now.


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No doubt. There's some truely amazing pieces going on the block right now.

Too much dough for me though. However, if you're looking to dropm some cash, FUN auctions are the place to do it right now. thumbsup2.gif

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I think there was tons of high quality stuff, but I think the hype about how hot the market is, is not supported by how these items sold or didn't sell.


The PQ SLQ's did not do well.

Just look at the buy it now's left over, and the prices for some really great coins that sold.


Franklins also did poorly. Very poorly.



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