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So Called Dollars

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Most are pretty cool with some nice history behind them. I've noticed prices going up in the past six months or so also. I was born in Wisconsin so I couldn't pass on this when I found it:


Quote from Hibler & Kappen:

Medal commemorates 100th anniversary as territory, not statehood, wisconsin having been admitted to Union May 29, 1848. Legislature created wisconsin Centennial Inc. 1933 with $500 appropriation, later increased. Celebration was state wide, highlight being presentation of pageant, "Centennial Cavalcade of wisconsin," in stadium of University of wisconsin, Madison, June 27-July 5, 1936; "witnessed by at least 75,000 spectators."


This was official medal, sponsored and designed by Commission, 1500 pieces struck in Bronze, sold for $1.


Obv. Capital building, clouds behind; at base on small ribbon 1936; smaller ediface to L; at base, on small ribbon 1836; avove all, around wisconsin Territorial Centennial; below all is prone animal (badger?) on dotted line.


Rev. Eagle in upper center panel; to L 19/ June / 27, to r. 36/ July/ 5' above at border Madison' below panel Official/Wisconsin/Centennial/Celebration; stars all around at border.


HK-696. Bronze Size 24. Very scarce $20










Probably pretty tough to find with original packaging also. :)



Please share yours here.

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That is really nice Lee, especially with the original packaging. I only have one that I went after because I love the design...





And although it's not a "SCD" I have the same design (though much larger in size) as well...




Here's a shot for a perspective in the difference in size...



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I have an identical Wisconsin issue medal with cellophane wrapper. In addition, I have one medal graded NGC65. Both medals were purchased off ebay 6 or 7 years ago. I have never seen any offered since then.





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That's a nice piece Lee. I've checked that one out on occasion.


Somewhere along the way I stopped taking photos of my pieces (after I realized I wasn't going to invest in a nice photo setup), but here's one of my favorite designs:



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Nice examples shown so far! (thumbs u I had one Wisconsin come through DGS while I was there. It was in much nicer condition than mine. I know we have more members here with SCD's. Don't be shy to post them. ;)

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a few of mine...all with sailing ships of course (shrug) ...


the Delaware commem came in original packaging and I also have the program from the ceremonies...for what its worth, I also have the commemorative stamps, the Delaware 50C commem (tabtop) with the first day cover verification and the Sweden Kronor with the same sailing ship on it from 1938


the obverse of the 1915 Montana Pan Pac coin..

the gold/gilt 1907 300th anniversary of Jamestown commem

the copper 1907 Jamestown commem ( still hunting for the silver one to complete the trio set)


PS: the Delaware commem is the finest graded by 2 points !!






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