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1758 Netherlands Gold Double Ducat - Guess The Grade!

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This is a 1758 Netherlands Gold Double Ducat.





Photos were taken before it was submitted to NGC.


Guess the grade!

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I have no idea what the strike characteristics are like on these so I can't guess the grade. That is a wonderful piece however. (thumbs u

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most of this type of coin are usually in the vf range with some handling improvements during the last 200 or so years


this is above average for vf with decent surfaces and prior minor handling in the last 200 or so years


looks great in the eye appeal department


so my grade is vf+ to xf details



and again hard to grade coins and especially so this beautiful coin from the photos

but my best shot from the above average photos




"Very fine" by international standards, but probably EF-40 to EF-45, though it looks to be cleaned or somehow "off".





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Trick question. Those of you who said "somewhat off" were on the right track.




That's right, it's a counterfeit. I had my suspicions. It was too round, and too flat. The Dutch ducats and double ducats are pure (.986) gold and are usually found quite wavy. I own about two dozen ducats and I know what they are supposed to look like.


I wanted to believe that this was a presentation piece and that I had lucked into the find of a lifetime. I had never paid this much for a coin before and I wanted to believe I was as clever as ever.


The seller was decent and gave me back my money minus his eBay fees. NGC saved me almost a grand. Thanks guys!


If you are buying any kind of old Dutch gold be aware that many offered for sale these days are Chinese forgeries. I even got a 1963 reissue of a 1750 Dutch gold rider recently that was a fake. Incredible...

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