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Two-Dollars-Fifty-Cents Worth Of “Other”-Does Anyone Else Have Something Like Th

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The collections on the board undoubtedly differ in no small measure by what each of us finds interesting, is willing to commit to, can afford and has available to them, but I would imagine that nearly all but the most focused of us has coins that don’t easily fit within any niche of our collection. Indeed, the sum of these coins might just define a new niche for each of us. For me, the collection is heavily weighted to the complete US type set through 1964 without gold, which is something I have worked on for perhaps a dozen years and am not even half way toward completion. The second theme to my collection would have to be superbly toned, silver Washington quarters and more than a score of delightful pieces represents this area. Aside from these interests I prefer to have my bullion gold in the form of circulated, original skin Liberty eagles and half eagles, but this is more of an investment or inflationary hedge than part of my collection. Then there is “other”.


What the heck is “other”? The coins that represent this corner of my collection are simply those pieces that I have found too cool to ignore even though they do not fit neatly into any other area. It would be wonderful to simply buy all the truly cool coinage I could find, but I have monetary restraints that most everyone else here understands, too, which prohibit such actions. Therefore, although I attempt to keep a high level of discipline in my coin purchases, there are times when “other” must be satisfied. Last week I had taken these coins out of the safe deposit box and visited CRO for a little coin chat. The coins were placed on the table and I noticed how fantastic they looked side-by-side and that, even though they were different grades and eras, they looked like they should be from the same source. My “other” coins had clandestinely formed their own grouping of cool type. There are currently eleven coins in my “other” (cool type) segment and below are five pieces that simply made me put them together and admire them as only a coin geek can do. The five coins are from a single denomination and span 116-years of issue, four designs and five different designated grades. They are all placed against the familiar Whitlow blue background, but none of the coins was purchased from Larry Whitlow or Mike Printz.


1805 DB PCGS VF30



1815/2 CBH PCGS VF35



1838 RE PCGS AU55



1839-O RE PCGS EF45



1921 WLH PCGS VF25



The other six coins in the newly christened “cool type” are not circulated halves, but they get along with the imaged five coins quite nicely. After seeing the coins all together on the table the other day I no longer feel like these individual pieces are orphans within the collection and this makes me believe they are much more secure.


Does anyone else have an individual coin or group of coins like these that don’t easily fit a collecting goal, yet are too amazing or rewarding to sell?


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I have a few coins that fit that bill - mostly toners. They don't fit my main sets, and a few of them are duplicates of coins in my main sets. The farthest outlier, however, has to be this dime in an old fatty. Absolutely gorgeous toning, but it has nothing to do with anything I collect (except for it looks cool!)





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All amazing coins and medal, Tom, Jason & Winston.


Here are two coins that fits nowhere in my collection but I love them both and, if and when I ever sell my collection, these two coins shall remain.




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