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Some new additions to my Music Coin set

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Here are my latest acquisitions.


The 2 gold coins in the clear cases are from Liberia, the gold coin in the grey foam is from Togo, Haydn coin is from Austria and the larger silver coin is Russian.









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that Russian composer was pretty progressive for his time with the nose ring...


PS: it is an interesting camera reflection on the coin..one must admit

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RI AL here. haven't been on for a while...lots going on but anyway, hello to all the guys.


Funny you would mention the Robert Marley Jamaica coin. I have been hunting for one since I got outbid on Teletrade a few weeks back. There's one on E-Bay but the seller is WAY overpriced. You don't by any chance know who may have the $50 available...or in desperation the $100 gold?


No U.S coin activity here lately, but the music collection has taken off. So many new issues I can't keep up with them all...but I'm making a good effort..


Anyone want to bet what country will be first to issue a Michael Jackson coin? My guess would be one of the British possessions...they seem to issue coins for just about anything (i.e. Marshall Islands). Now I need to decide if I want to include him in the collection if and when the coin(s) are issued. Well, I included the Elvis coins from several different countries (just won 2 that I just discovered on E-Bay to add to the 1 I already have and I'm a bit of a classical music nut). I was not a fan of Jackson, and didn't approve of the "life style", but he certainly was talented...no doubt about that.


I'll post photos of the new additions to the music set when they arrive...there are about 10 more coming in the mail. 2 came already.


Hope this note finds all the "regulars" well and enjoying their collections. I'm a bit gun shy about early U.S. type right now (my favorite series) after the loss of the flowing hair dollar. Oh well...time heals all wounds...even BIG ones.


Have a great evening, everyone. RI AL

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