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I just bought my first Classic Commem!

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It boggles my mind that these circulated at all. Wouldn't people notice? Or did they just not care, and 50 cents was 50 cents?


Proofs I can understand....but commems?

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My Grandfather use to pull early commems out

of his pocket change all the time in the early 1930's.

He was one of the very fortunate ones to have a well paying

secure job back then. He wasn't rich by any standards -

but he raised three kids and lived in a home with out a mortgage.


A Half Dollar back then was a lot of money for the ordinary man -

and the Hay-Days of the Roaring 20's came to a screeching halt;

people spent any coins they had laying around.


Having put together a set of 144 myself - each coin is extremely

interesting; it also is a wonderful way of learning about the country.



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Hi. You have to remember that the Great Depression came 4 years after the Stoneys were minted. People spent any money they had.


I guess, even for stuff they'd paid a premium for...such a shame.

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I've actually been collecting since I was 10 (1982), but this kind of stuff was essentially out of my reach until after college. Then, I decided I wasn't quite getting the bang for my buck that I wanted, so I never really spent serious cash on anything. Some of the commems, of course, aren't obtainable at all for less than several hundred, if not over a thousand (Hawaii! Argh!)...I'd much rather have a nice solid run of G4 Seated halves for that kind of money. Quantity, rather than quality.


I'm a total bottom feeder, hole filler. :)


If I can fill a hole in my book, I'm happy. :cloud9:


Still...I may have awakened the beast! Ack!

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