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What are your coin related New Years Resolutions?

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1. Spend More Money!

2. Expand/Learn/Explore Coins I'm not familiar with.

3. Learn, Learn, Learn

4. Sell The Losers!

5. Use #4 to Finance #1

6. Be a dealer for a day.

7. Anytime someone says "I have a box of coins", change the subject. Tell them that I don't want to discuss the coins without seeing them smile.gif (Everyone tells me they have coins, I offer to let them know what they have but I never see the 'box')

8. Test my skills at "cracking out"


That's about it. There are probably more items but that's all I can think of at the moment.



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It's not a resolution, but I'd like to sell some things I shouldn't have bought. Then use the money to buy things I should.

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New Year's Resolutions:

1. Sell off some modern Registry Sets in order to focus on other sets that are higher interest level.

2. Sell some other NGC/PCGS certified individual coins (including some gold coins) that do not support other set collection ambitions.

3. Resubmit a few coins that are (IMHO) undergraded.

4. Upgrade my Peace Dollar and Gold Registry sets.

5. Make a decision on continuing with (2/3rd's complete) MS silver Trime set.

If I get these things done this year, I will feel good about my collection.

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Hi everyone,


Here are my four originals:

1. Taking the ANA's course "Grading US Coins"

2. View auction lots of current and potential collecting interests

3. Have the local coin collecting crowd over again once or twice

4. Submit some of my better world coins to NGC for educational purposes


Happy to report progress on 1 and 4 already, I'm registred for the course and eleven the coins are on the way.


After reading Claw's I'm also going to add:

5. Sell off some stuff, dumb purchases and things I'm no longer interested in


I'll also add one that's only sort of related to coin collecting:

6. Read Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire



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