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1910 Bern Swiss Shooting (Schutzenfest) Gold Medal - Guess The Grade!

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This is a 1910 Bern Swiss Shooting (Schutzenfest) Medal, Richter catalog # 263a.


This mid size (28mm) gold medal was designed by Holy Freres, and is another of their best and beautiful. While fairly common in silver, this is a hard one to find in gold. I was lucky to obtain this in it's original display case.






Photos were taken before it was submitted to NGC.


Guess the grade!

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Funny, I just started bidding on an occasional shooting festival coin on Teletrade. Haven't won any yet. Yours is a beauty. I would go with 65-66.

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I thought it was a MS64, NGC says MS62.


I see no wear, just 100 years of aging in the display case.

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I thought it was a MS64, NGC says MS62.


I see no wear, just 100 years of aging in the display case---I TENT TO AGREE WITH YOU AND MAYBE WE ARE BOTH MISSING SOMETHING ?? idoubt it but you never know


okie my thoughts are as below...................................




before i looked at the grade you posted i graded this gem 65 easily


and after looking at the ngc grade i seethey saw it inhand sight seenand also they are conservative in my opinion and from waht i see inholders theydo not reward original skinned items they deduct points but this is okie as it is their service and their standards which are all extremely subjective and we asked for a subjective opinion sending something into them and we get it! :makepoint:


but these medals are rare and with medal collectors weather the medal is ms 62 or 65 worth the same, i would prefer the latter


but i really do not see why it would be called ms 62 again just from the photos it looks untouched and no wear or problems or edge bumps or nicks


again a super high relief medal and a much different fabric than a circulating struck coin


overall i grade this gemmy with great eye appeal and close to pristine surfaces


again from the photos and the photos are really above average so i am much more confidentwith my grade comments


but opinions with investor pricing services are extremely subjective to say the least


i know of a top known expert in a colonial speciality copper series and token series and he gets graded items back from the services that the graded item he sends in he grades au

i graded au, a colonial copper series and yes it is au it gets a vf grade lol another 1860's speciality exonumia item we both agree is clearly au choice au but none the less au comes back ms64 lol


go figure


now my point being the services do a great job but they are under time pressure for grading and it is extremely subjective and they offer their opinions in areas they are not specialists in nor have the staff that are all experts in as such


it is a bell curve 85% of the time they hit the nail right on the head but their are both ends of the spectrum to contend with and of course many people make huge livings at playing this game

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I wanted to add that I appreciate the diversity hihoaudio's posts have brought to the board, especially as he is a newcomer. Beautiful medals!



:applause: (thumbs u

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the positive feedback. And I will be posting more Swiss medals plus all sorts of US and European coins.


And I may be a newcomer here but have been collecting coins for almost 45 years since I was 12. It's not just a hobby. It's an obsession.

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