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Any Peru coin experts out there?

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I was getting ready to list this coin on E-Bay...starting to sell off a bit of my stuff and noticed something that I thought was odd. The CUZ (for Cuzco) on the reverse has a circular pattern inside the z. I tried to see if there were any more pictures in World Coins catalog with this feature, but I couldn't tell for sure. My 4 reales of 1836 from Cuzco does not have the circle in the z. The one picture I did find does not show the circle in the z either. (KM 144.2) Also, the 3 in the date (which isn't clear in the photo...sorry guys, best I could do) looks like an overdate but I can't tell for sure, maybe a 7? Anyone have any thoughts on this?


The coin is an NGC MS 62 and World Coins does not list a value above XF with a -- under uncirculated value. How does one determine a reasonable listing price? Just out of curiosity, I checked statistics and found 4 had been certified by NGC with only 1 higher as a MS 64. The other 2 were in the 50's. This one is in an old slab with the ANA logo on the reverse.


Any help would really be appreciated! Thanks. RI AL



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In addition to Heritage, you can also check CoinArchives.com if you have not done so. You can submit a search on Peru and it will return up to 1000 prior results. Results from many other auction firms are available there.


If there are no prior sales results, then the only way you can find out is by selling your coin and see what price you get. I know its not a satisfactory answer but its the only one that is probably available. Unlike US coins, many world coins sell so infrequently.


I do not know anything about your coin but as a general statement, I doubt that you will get much more if anything for this coin than for a "normal" one. There are very few world coins generally speaking that are collected by die variety from what I know.


I have two sources of reference for the world coin series that I collect that list varieties, Spanish colonial pillars and South Africa Union. I do not know of any evidence that either of them bring any premium. Both sell so infrequently (at least in high grade for the Union KGVI which has most of those listed for SA) that collectors have enough trouble trying to collect just the date and denomination.

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Hello, World Colonial.


That's a big help. I'll go cruising the sites and see what I can learn, about varieties and prices. I know it's no treasure, but I need to pare down and figured that would be agood place to start.


Thanks! Have a great Sunday! Ri AL

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