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Help on pricing for a friend

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Take a look at this stuff and see what you think they might be worth. Also, if you are interested in any particular item, let me know these will be for sale, not mine but a friend wants to sell this stuff but she wanted to get some ideas on what they were worth so she wouldn't get ripped off.





Some rim dings.





Weighs 10 grams total.






All original. Has everything intact including the latex glove that originally came with it. Also there are two extra Presidents that didn't come in the original blister pack. Ford and Carter. Magnifying glass is there as well but not pictured.









Just a silver round. I'm sure whatever silver gets today is pretty much it.





Soveriegn ring, total weight of 6 grams.




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Hi, Coindude.


Starting with the jewelry, maybe with the exception of the ring with the $1 gold coin, the jewelry is probably worth gold content only. Now the ring, without doubt the $1 coin is damaged by having been set into the ring. !852 O is not a rare date in the ring, so I would estimate again, melt value for the ring. If the coin were removable without damage, it would have a value of around $160 or so, but I'm pretty sure the coin will have sustained damage when being set.


Franklin Mint silver has a very small following but the silver content is decent, I believe. I can't really determine size of the coins but again, I think melt or myabe a bit higher if you could find a buyer would be the best that your friend would get if selling. E-Bay shows similar (if not the same) sets selling for $50 and $54.


The one ounce silver "indian" coin is worth 1 ounce of silver...perhaps a bit more if someone took a liking to the design. At the time of this writing, silver is at $15.80 per ounce.


The 1828 large cent, looks pretty good but has a few spots. I'd value it at around $30 or so because of the spotting and a bit of gunk on the reverse.


The Washington token, can't help with this one right now (at work) but I'll check to see if I can find anything out when I get home this afternoon.



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That 1783 Washington & Independence token (a Redbook listed colonial coin) appears to grade between VG and Fine, and looks to have light damage. I would expect a reputable buyer of such an item would pay $40-50 for it, and perhaps they would ask $70 or so retail for it.


Hope this helps,

Dave Wnuck

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