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Strike vs Designations such as FBL, FT, FH

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Recently I've been reading a number of posts which reference a coins "strike" in conjunction with designations such as FBL, FT, FH, etc. Some feel as though a coin does not have a "full strike" unless the coin carries said designations.


Researching brief definitions for grades in MS67 and above I find, by their very nature, these grades as having what one would consider complete strikes. Definitions like: "extremely sharp (or full)..." for MS67, "strike will be exceptionally sharp..." for MS68 and "a 99% full strike (or better)..." with regard to MS69.


I've always understood it's quite possible to have a coin with 'the best strike ever' and still not have the qualities for the above referenced designations. I further understand that usually for a coin to have the qualities for these designations it has more to do with the way the "die" was cut than the "strike". It's not impossible for a coin to grade lower numerically speaking, ie. MS65/MS66 and having a softer "strike" but still have the qualities for the designations.


Could you address the differences and/or NGC's view of this.



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Strike can be a factor in technical grading, but it's not an important one in market grading. It is one of the lesser qualities that go into determining the certified numeric grade, though it certainly counts when determining any additional strike designation such as the ones you listed.

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