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One of the rarest Venezuela coin?

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I do not sure if it is a real one,from a bags of old Portugal coins(they are also hold,plugged but real pieces).But this one is one of the rarest coin in Venezuela history.The weight is 2.33 g,19.5-20mm,every one can talk about it if you have any idea about this one,because I can not find any problem to proof it is a fake.



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I don't know if this helps at all, but it might be able to help you establish an approximate date for your coin.


From Wikipedia


"Until 1821, the Spanish colonial real circulated in Venezuela. In 1802, a mint was opened in Caracas and issued coins denominated in reales until 1821. Paper money was introduced in 1811 denominated in reales and pesos. The Colombian real circulated in Venezuela from 1821, with some coins struck in Caracas. In 1837, the Colombian real was replaced by the Colombian peso (subdivided into 8 reales), which was itself replaced by the Venezuelan peso (subdivided into 10 reales) in 1843. The last real-denominated coins were struck in 1863.



From 1802, copper & and ¼ real coins were issued. Silver 1 and 2 reales followed in 1810. In 1812, the government issued copper and ¼ real and silver ½ and 1 real. From 1813, the provinces of Guayana and Maracaibo issued copper and ¼ real coins. The Royalists issued silver 1, 2 and 4 reales between 1817 and 1821. During the period Venezuela was part of Gran Colombia, silver ¼ real coins were struck at Caracas.+


I would have no reason to suspect that it is a fake. Anything is possible I guess, especially with the Chinese pumping copies out in the zillions, but your coin looks pretty good to me...even with the hole. The obverse translates to something like the "second year of the republic" so I am guessing it was minted in 1818. Still searching for information but I am at work. I will check when I get home to see if I can find anything listed.


Here is another bit of information I found regarding Caracas royalist coins. Hopefully this will be useful.


"Caracas - Royalist coinage

The royalists minted cob-style macuquina until 1817, then General Pablo Morillo had new-style coin inscribed "CARACAS" minted. This latter coin circulated widely; it was known as morillera in Venezuela and as caraqueña elsewhere..


copper dated 1813-1821:

■ 1/8r (1814: 12,000; 1817: 4,500; 1818: 94,000)

■ 1/4r (1813: 10,000; 1814: 40,000; 1816: 750,000; 1817, two types: 2.130 million; 1818: 2·240 million; 1821: 650,000)

silver dated 1817-1821:

■ real, 0·588-0·709 fine, 19-20 mm, 2·45-3·25 g (1817: 6,500; 1818: 13,787; 1820: 10,729; 1821: 8,000)

■ 2 reales, 0·555-0·898 fine, 4·50-5·80 g (1817: 76,000; 1818: 777,000; 1819: 1·450 million; 1820: 755,000; 1821: 110,000)

■ 4 reales (1819: 18,000; 1820: 29,000)"

[edit] Barinas




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krause shows it as c#26


ano 2, ©

mintage : 20,000


good = 800$

xf = 4500$


it falls between the 1812 date and 1821 date

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