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Twas the night before Christmas....

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It was a pretty nice day, since my wife has the flu, I cooked my famous steak. I stopped by my neighbors to drop off a gift, they had a gift for my son and he quite enjoyed it. They invited me to stay for their seafood dinner.... I appealed to their good nature "I'm stuffed from the steak" I said but it didn't work. "Glass of Wine?" they asked, "oh no, I'm fine".... "well everyone else is going to have a glass"... peer pressure "okay, I'll have a glass of white"


I went by the local tavern/bar/pub to deliver my annual batch of cookies. I made seven batches of my World Famous Cookies! and I have about two batches left. The owner, bartender and myself all enjoyed a few cookies and coffee with Ameretto. After having two cups, I left the bartender a $20 tip and headed home.


When I got home, my wife brought my son up to bed, I went into the kitchen and when I walked back to the living room, Santa already left presents... wow, that was pretty quick and I thought he arrived around midnight!?!?


It's been a pretty great holiday season so far. This will be my son's 2nd Christmas and hopefully he will understand it better. I bought him a tricycle, a drum/keyboard set and any little thing that was themed around Elmo... In "Joseph-Speak", Elmo is MaMa. A strange thing happened to me this year. Anytime I went to the toystore, I found myself picking up my son more and more gifts.


I had no clue what to get my wife but one of my neighbors gave us a video camera a few months ago as they "couldn't figure it out", so I wanted to get them an extra special gift this year, so I found myself at one of those Hallmark type stores and bought them a pretty expensive piece.... and then I saw the Zwarovski Crystal... my wife and I have a small collection and I figured it would be great to add on to the collection. There were so many pieces that I liked.... I couldn't make up my mind.... so I spent about $500 on 4 different pieces. A Python Snake, an Owl in a Tree, a Rooster/Chicken??. I went by the Antique shop hoping the Curio (sp) I saw during the fall was still available, I envisioned putting all the crystals and figurines in it but much to my surprise it was sold.


and to make this coin related, I think I will get that 1936 Quarter I saw on ebay just before... I need to get myself a coin for Christmas smile.gif


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!





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Sounds like you're having a great time Dave 893applaud-thumb.gif. My wife has the flu too so I can relate to that. I also bought myself a coin for Christmas, a gleaming white Rhode Island Commem. PCGS MS64 from a heritage auction last night. thumbsup2.gif It's the thought that counts!! I can't wait to hit the folks tomorrow to get my annual proof and mint sets. They're getting pretty hooked up this year from us.


Have a Merry Christmas, and that goes to all on the boards, yes, even those pesky liberals. To all those of other faiths, Happy Holidays!!!! grin.gif




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My wife is from Finland where they open everything Christmas Eve. We compromise and only open half...


My son is on his second Christmas as well - he certainly enjoyed it. Loved the toy cars and was afraid of all the stuffed animals except the frog. Daughter is 6 and cleaned up on My Little Ponies. Kids at Christmas remind you of what it's like to be alive...


Merry Christmas, all!

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Merry Christmas!


Got home not too long ago. My sister and I got our brother two 1:350 scale model battleships: Yamato and Bismarck. We teased him earlier by telling him that we got him the Titanic and the Lusitania. He's hopeless! Didn't even know who The Unsinkable Molly Brown was...


They all wondered where my dogs were. Couldn't bring them due to logistical issues, which was just as well since the drive was a nightmare.


I opened a bottle of the Saracco Moscato d'Asti, and it was a big hit (except with my sister who found it too sweet). Even our mom fought over the last drop from the bottle.


Why am I online? Because I had to check our recent eBay activity (many lots closed today after I left the office). I think my Linksys router is shot, and I surprisingly was able to reach a Comcast technician on Christmas Eve!




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Hello everyone... all the excitement is gone smile.gif My son would open one present, play with it and 10 minutes later we would finally convince him to open another present and then we went through another 10 minute between all the presents.


I took video this morning but after setting up the Drums/keyboard set, my wife took a video of me and my son and our new band... my son will probably call us "Elmo" or something.


Among other things, my wife bought me two books: "2004 Coin Digest" and "How to make money in coins right now"... not that I'm looking to make money in coins right now, I'm more in the buying mood right now... but I figured it will make good reading.


Now it's off to visit the families.... hopefully someone got me some coins smile.gif If not, I guess I'll have to pick some up for myself. smile.gif



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