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Finally got the Jeff album from seizedprop auction and...

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Of the 71 Jeffs in the album, only about 12 are white. The rest exhibit tone from faint to extraordinary! No rarities were found, no errors, except die cracks, and only a few had full steps, but all are BU.


The best of the bunch is this 58-D. I will let you grade it for me and maybe cite a value for. Only nicks are on collar and another lower down in dark area. None to the hair, cheek, jaw, Monticello (except 3rd pillar, but you need a 10X to see it), or other devices and none to the fields. A light golden tone to the obv. and a small area of multi-color tone above dome on rev. A real beauty! Now THIS is a MS66/67 to me! ooo.gif Agree or disagree??????







2 DIE CRACKS---one arched and the other just left of pillar 1


Another die crack between the windows (check out those side steps!)



And Hoot, here is your 59 "darky"!




And the pillar/step area



You picked a good one for eye appeal, this one is the best toned of the lot! I DID say it was yours, 893frustrated.gif so PM your address for mailing.


Will post other pics as I manage to do so.



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Hi David

This is how I usually grade my Jeffs, along with a fully strucked and lustrous coin if there are no marks, it's a 67. One noticable mark away from the main focal areas of the portrait and fields, it's a 66. 2-3 marks, a MS65. Nickels with an EDS strike and low luster, I'll grade them a 65 or 66. Lustrous and toned coins with weak strikes or coins with marks in the main focal areas of the portrait and fields always grade MS64 or less. If there are no marks on the lower coat as I can't see anything else for that matter, your coin may hinge on the grade of 67 but it definately grades in the 65 to 66 range if there are no marks on the portrait.

Hope this helps. happy holidays everyone! acclaim.gif



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David! What a GREAT couple of nickels! That 58-D is, I believe, what you said. With 6 steps, be sure to send it to NGC. Looks solid 66 overall, but you have a shot at a 67, depending on the prevalence of the marks you describe. It's the prettiest 58-D I've seen, pics or in person! (You did a nice job with the photos cloud9.gif). Leo gave a nice eval.


WooHoo! I look forward to that 59 darkie! wink.gif



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Thanks guys, for all the kind words! Leo, really like your assessment for grading! Wouldn't it be nice if a TPG looked at it this way? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

Mark, not sure if I want to slab it---yet. Also, would you think that having 3 die breaks across Monti helps or hurts the grade and/or value?


And since you think so highly of my photgraphy, thought I'd treat you to another from the album. One of the COVETED year/date Jeffs. 1950-D! Will let you all grade this one too! I'd give it a 65. Pretty good strike. The pics show all the flaws. Hit to forehead and spot, obv. Scratch across pillar 1, hit straight up in line with scratch rev. Nice luster and just starting to tone.





AND the steps. Weak, but 5-5-5-5





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...3 die breaks across Monti helps or hurts the grade and/or value?


I do not think so. Die breaks should not affect grade, although weakness in certain devices may. I've seen some wicked die breaks and die scratches on some highly graded coins. Adds interest, IMO.



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